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This database includes data on gross earnings, nominal and minimum wages and minimum wages relative to median wages.
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Mots-clés :  employment, labour, earnings, statistics

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1950 onwards

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This subset of the OECD Employment and Labour Market Statistics Database contains three earnings-dispersion measures broken down by gender - ratio of 9th-to-1st, 9th-to-5th and 5th-to-1st - where ninth, fifth (or median) and first deciles are upper-earnings decile limits, unless otherwise indicated, of gross earnings of full-time dependent employees. The dataset also includes a series on the incidence of low-paid workers (defined as the share in total dependent employment of workers earning less than two-thirds of median earnings) and the gender wage gap. Data are expressed in ratios and presented from 1950 onwards.
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Mots-clés :  labour force, low pay incidence, earning-dispersion measures, employment, gross earnings, statistics, gender
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