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CELE Exchange, formerly PEB Exchange, is the journal of the OECD Centre for Effective Learning Environments (CELE). It addresses issues related to providing a quality educational infrastructure in a cost-effective way. Innovative and environmentally sustainable design, asset management, school safety, and campus development are some of the themes covered.

CELE Exchange informs its readers – educators, policy makers, architects, managers and others concerned with schools and universities – of international events, recent publications and research, member countries' experiences and OECD activities promoting the efficient planning and management of educational facilities.

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Well-Being at School

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Katrien Cuyvers1, Gio De Weerd1, Sanne Dupont1, Sophie Mols1, Chantal Nuytten1
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  • 1: University of Antwerp, Belgium

01 déc 2011
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What is the impact of school infrastructure on the well-being of students in Flemish secondary schools? A study, commissioned by AGIOn (the Flemish agency that subsidises school buildings), investigated the impact of educational spaces on their users and set out to identify empirical evidence supporting the importance of school infrastructure on the well-being of students in secondary schools.
well-being, infrastructure, satisfaction levels, quality indicators
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