Reviews of National Policies for Education

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Reviews of National Policies for Education offer customised, in-depth analysis and advice to assist policy makers in developing and implementing education policy. Individual reviews can focus on a specific policy area, a particular level of education or a country’s entire education system. These reviews are conducted at the request of the country concerned.

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Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Switzerland 2003

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30 sep 2003
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OECD reviews of national education policies provide a well-established means for member countries to engage their peers in reviewing their country’s policies. This report is divided into two parts: a background report, prepared by the Swiss authorities, and the OECD examiners’ report. This review makes recommendations for further improvements to the tertiary education system in Switzerland as it grapples with national and global challenges emerging from the transition to a knowledge society. 

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  • Executive Summary

    This review came in the midst of substantial recent and prospective reforms of the Swiss tertiary education sector. Its purpose was to evaluate these developments and offer recommendations for addressing emerging challenges. The terms of reference for the review covered the full range of the tertiary sector, with particular focus on the following: access to tertiary provision; the capacity and flexibility of the sector in meeting social and economic demand and the requirements of the recent and planned reforms; basic and applied research, and the quality of teaching and learning; governance, steering, quality assurance and accountability mechanisms; and the role of the new and strengthened colleges in provision of degree and non-degree learning opportunities.

  • Background Report

    Summary of the background report; Switzerland; The educational system in Switzerland; Tertiary education in Switzerland; The financing of tertiary education; Reforms in tertiary education; Annex tables...

  • Examiners' Report

    Introduction; Scope and structure of the tertiary education system; Teaching, learning and research: Achievements, problems and reforms; From control and administration to steering and management; Information for decision making: The current situation and need improvements....

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