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Articles from the OECD Programme on Educational Building’s PEB Exchange. Articles cover examples of innovative new educational building projects, new technologies, trends in educational architecture, and related management and policy issues.
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  N° 2008/07   01 juin 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Special Primary School Complex in the United Kingdom
Mark Robinson
Booker Park School is a new complex for pre-primary children and primary pupils with a range of behavioural and learning difficulties. To respond to the pupils’ varied needs, the school facilities offer a high degree of flexibility and a quality environment for learning.
  N° 2008/15   01 oct 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Dalry Primary – An Innovative Scottish Case Study
Malcolm Summers
In presenting this case study of an innovative school building in Scotland, the author describes its unique design features, conveys the viewpoints of the users, client and design team, and reveals the lessons learned. Dalry Primary, North Ayrshire Introduction Dalry Primary School in North...
  N° 2008/14   01 oct 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  In Slovenia, Šoštanj Primary School Collaborates with Its Community
Emmanuel Cercek
Šoštanj Primary School offers a learning process which can enrich traditional forms of schooling. It demonstrates how a school, including its infrastructure, can influence family life and the environment, creating new social patterns and a local identity. Pupils and teachers are involved in...
  N° 2008/13   01 oct 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  A Second Chance School in Hungary
László Limbacher
Hungary’s Belvárosi Tanoda Secondary School offers an informal, flexible environment and alternative teaching methods for students who have had problems in other schools. The Belvárosi Tanoda (which translates as downtown school) is a second chance school for students who have dropped out of...
  N° 2008/12   01 oct 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Open Plan Schools in Portugal
Miguel Martinho, José M. R. Freire da Silva
Open plan schools have been largely contested in Portugal; many teachers, administrators and even parents consider this model of schooling inappropriate and therefore a failure. Recently however the Escola da Ponte, one of the open plan schools that has survived, was recognised as one of the...
  N° 2008/11   01 oct 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  OECD Work on Future Educational Environments
Henno Theisens, Francisco Benavides, Hanna Dumont
Designing school buildings to respond to change is not a new idea. But perhaps what is different today is the kind and degree of change which we have to anticipate. The OECD is carrying out projects that can help in the planning and design of future educational facilities – exploring trends in...
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