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OECD Papers provides access to a collection of substantive papers not published as books or articles in other OECD series or journals. All subjects are covered, from the latest OECD research on macroeconomics and economic policies, to work in areas as varied as employment, education, environment, trade, science and technology, development and taxation. OECD Papers are available on a subscription basis. Now a part of the OECD Journal

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This issue of OECD Papers presents a series of papers on environmentally sustainable growth.

Table des matières

22. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth: Experience in OECD Countries, by Paul O’Brien and Ann Vourc’h
23. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Belgium, by Paul O’Brien, David Carey, Jens Høj and Andreas Woergoetter
24. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Canada, by Ann Vourc’h
25. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Denmark, by Paul O’Brien and Jens Høj
26. Enhancing Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Ireland, by Ann Vourc’h and Miguel Jimenez
27. Making Growth More Environmentally Sustainable in Germany, by Grant Kirkpatrick, Gernot Klepper and Robert Price
28. Sustainable Economic Growth: Natural Resources and the Environment in Norway, by Paul van den Noord and Ann Vourc’h
29. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Poland, by Grzegorz Peszko and Patrick Lenain
30. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in Sweden, by Deborah Roseveare
31. Encouraging Environmentally Sustainable Growth in the United States, by Paul O’Brien

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