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Age, skills and labour market outcomes in Finland
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Working papers from the Economics Department of the OECD that cover the full range of the Department’s work including the economic situation, policy analysis and projections; fiscal policy, public expenditure and taxation; and structural issues including ageing, growth and productivity, migration, environment, human capital, housing, trade and investment, labour markets, regulatory reform, competition, health, and other issues.

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  N° 1220   22 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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Assessing China's skills gap and inequalities in education
Margit Molnar, Boqing Wang, Ruidong Gao
In recent years, many tertiary graduates have had difficulties finding a job, while factories have been struggling to recruit workers. Notwithstanding rapidly increasing education attainment, graduates’ skills do not seem to match those demanded by the market. Moreover, structural changes in...
  N° 1219   22 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/providing-the-right-skills-to-all-in-china_5js1j18g4tlx-en
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Providing the right skills to all in China
Margit Molnar, Vincent Koen
China has made impressive strides in education in recent decades, even though the accumulation of human capital has lagged behind that of physical capital. Going forward, access to and quality of education will be key to sustain economic convergence with the most advanced economies and to...
  N° 1218   22 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/agricultural-reforms-and-bridging-the-gap-for-rural-china_5js1j18znzs4-en
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Agricultural reforms and bridging the gap for rural China
Ben Westmore
Urbanisation will continue in China, with the government planning to grant urban residential status to an additional 100 million rural workers by 2020. While this process is transforming the urban economy, the rural economy is also undergoing substantial structural change. Government policy...
  N° 1217   22 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/a-snapshot-of-china-s-service-sector_5js1j19lhbkl-en
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A Snapshot of China's Service Sector
Margit Molnar, Wei Wang
The share of the tertiary sector in China’s value added has increased steadily, overtaking the share of the secondary sector in 2013. With increasing incomes, the share of services is expected to grow further as at higher incomes a larger share of income is spent on services. In addition to...
  N° 1216   07 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/does-the-post-crisis-weakness-of-global-trade-solely-reflect-weak-demand_5js1qvnff3hk-en
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Does the Post-Crisis Weakness of Global Trade Solely Reflect Weak Demand?
Patrice Ollivaud, Cyrille Schwellnus
Global trade growth over the past few years has appeared extraordinarily weak, even in relation to weak global GDP growth. This paper shows that the apparent breakdown in the relationship between global trade and global GDP growth is largely explained by two factors: an inappropriate...
  N° 1215   07 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/estonia_5js1qvnqwcbt-en
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Andreas Kappeler
Estonia can revitalise productivity growth and reap more benefits from its openness. Productivity is relatively low in manufacturing and in large firms, as the manufacturing sector focuses on low-technology goods exports to only a small number of destinations. The economic impact of the...
  N° 1214   07 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/estonia_5js1qvqqmm48-en
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Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter
Labour input in Estonia remains lower than before the crisis. Skill mismatches between workers and jobs contribute to structural unemployment and emigration, notably among young, employed workers, has reduced labour supply. Although the government has lowered labour taxes and further reductions...
  N° 1213   07 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-czech-labour-market_5js1qvs5c1vb-en
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The Czech Labour Market
Sónia Araújo, Petr Maleček
The Czech labour market has undergone significant changes as a consequence of economic restructuring. This paper analyses these changes, highlighting both the impact of the recent economic crisis and some of the longer-run determinants of the Czech labour market. The higher share of tertiary...
  N° 1212   06 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/reforming-the-slovak-public-sector_5js1pzrvxmkg-en
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Reforming the Slovak Public Sector
Lilas Demmou, Robert W. R. Price
Improving public sector efficiency can help to meet two conflicting objectives: ensuring fiscal consolidation and maintaining room for growth-friendly spending. However, the public sector lags on the application of e-government and e-procurement, insufficiently prioritizes spending, and suffers...
  N° 1211   28 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/spurring-growth-in-lagging-regions-in-slovak-republic_5js1pzv05lkd-en
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Spurring Growth in Lagging Regions in Slovak Republic
Lilas Demmou, Martin Haluš, Gabriel Machlica, Robert Menkyna
Regional inequality in Slovakia is among the highest in the OECD and is increasing. The main reason for regional disparity is the combination of low economic growth and job creation in the eastern and central part of the country and insufficient labour mobility to the west, in particular by...
  N° 1210   28 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/skill-mismatch-and-public-policy-in-oecd-countries_5js1pzw9lnwk-en
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Skill Mismatch and Public Policy in OECD Countries
Muge Adalet McGowan, Dan Andrews
This paper explores the relationship between skill mismatch and public policies using micro data for 22 OECD countries from the recent OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC). Results suggest that differences in skill mismatch across countries are related to differences in public policies. After...
  N° 1209   28 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/labour-market-mismatch-and-labour-productivity_5js1pzx1r2kb-en
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Labour Market Mismatch and Labour Productivity
Muge Adalet McGowan, Dan Andrews
This paper explores the link between skill and qualification mismatch and labour productivity using cross-country industry data for 19 OECD countries. Utilising mismatch indicators aggregated from micro-data sourced from the recent OECD Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC), the main results suggest...
  N° 1208   23 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/maintaining-an-efficient-and-equitable-housing-market-in-belgium_5js30ttdx36c-en
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Maintaining an Efficient and Equitable Housing Market in Belgium
Sanne Zwart
Housing conditions in Belgium are among the best in OECD countries according to the Better Life Index, as dwellings are of high quality and large, and housing costs are average. However, the steep increase in house prices since 2003 has put market access for first-time buyers under pressure....
  N° 1207   22 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/determinants-of-the-low-female-labour-force-participation-in-india_5js30tvj21hh-en
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Determinants of the Low Female Labour Force Participation in India
Piritta Sorsa, Jan Mares, Mathilde Didier, Caio Guimaraes, Marie Rabate, Gen Tang, Annamaria Tuske
The low and declining female labour force participation rate in India despite strong growth over the past decade is puzzling and stands out among emerging markets. At the same time greater economic participation of women can be a source of inclusive growth, and wellbeing. Assessing determinants...
  N° 1206   06 mai 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/strengthening-skill-use-and-school-to-work-transitions-in-the-czech-republic_5js1pz2xnm6b-en
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Strengthening Skill use and School-to-work Transitions in the Czech Republic
Sónia Araújo, Petr Maleček
The education system has reacted slowly to changes in labour market needs, leading to an increasing number of school leavers without sufficient qualification. In addition, declining PISA scores and a rising share of low achievers are raising concerns about the quality of the future labour...
  N° 1205   22 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/reforming-the-tax-on-immovable-property_5js30tw0n7kg-en
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Reforming the Tax on Immovable Property
Hansjörg Blöchliger
The tax on immovable property recently started to regain its former significance, but the tax yield still remains low, with slightly more than 1% of GDP and wide variation across countries. Against this background this paper surveys property tax policy in OECD countries and analyses the...
  N° 1204   30 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/taxation-and-investment-in-colombia_5js1pz3d0j8r-en
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Taxation and Investment in Colombia
Sarah Perret, Bert Brys
The Colombian corporate tax system is highly complex and distortive. The effective tax burden on businesses is very high due to the combined effect of the corporate income tax, the corporate surtax introduced in 2012 (CREE), the net wealth tax on business assets and the value added tax (VAT) on...
  N° 1203   15 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/efficiency-and-contestability-in-the-colombian-banking-system_5js30twjgm6l-en
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Efficiency and Contestability in the Colombian Banking System
Christian Daude, Julien Pascal
Despite progress in the past decade, financial markets in Colombia remain relatively small and shallow. In particular the banking system suffers high intermediation costs, which limit constrains access to finance by households and firms. This paper explores some of the causes behind these...
  N° 1202   15 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/fiscal-decentralisation-in-colombia_5js30tzp18kj-en
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Fiscal Decentralisation in Colombia
Guillaume Bousquet, Christian Daude, Christine de la Maisonneuve
Colombia has engaged in a sustained process of fiscal decentralisation over the past decades. This paper analyses three aspects of fiscal performance for Colombia’s departments. First, it studies the sustainability aspects of subnational finances by estimating a fiscal reaction function....
  N° 1201   01 avr 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/effects-of-economic-policies-on-microeconomic-stability_5js3f5cwj3jb-en
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Effects of Economic Policies on Microeconomic Stability
Boris Cournède, Paula Garda, Volker Ziemann
Economic policies shape how much people earn as well as how stable their income and jobs are. The level and stability of earnings both matter for well-being. Standard economic aggregates do not measure accurately the economic uncertainty which households are facing. This paper shows that...
  N° 1200   31 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-2013-update-of-the-oecd-s-database-on-product-market-regulation_5js3f5d3n2vl-en
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The 2013 update of the OECD's database on product market regulation
Isabell Koske, Isabelle Wanner, Rosamaria Bitetti, Omar Barbiero
This paper investigates patterns in product market regulation across 34 OECD and 21 non-OECD countries, using an updated and revised version of the OECD’s indicators of product market regulation (PMR). The analysis shows that liberalisation of product markets has further slowed over the past...
  N° 1199   27 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/improving-taxes-and-transfers-in-australia_5js4h5lz07r4-en
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Improving Taxes and Transfers in Australia
Philip Hemmings, Annamaria Tuske
Getting tax and transfer systems to efficiently deliver sufficient revenues to achieve macroeconomic targets, address goals in re-distribution and social welfare, encourage employment, accommodate business-competitiveness concerns and incorporate environmental issues is difficult. In Australia,...
  N° 1198   27 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/federal-state-relations-in-australia_5js4h5mx7bg0-en
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Federal-State Relations in Australia
Vassiliki Koutsogeorgopulou, Annamaria Tuske
Australia’s inter-governmental fiscal relations have gradually moved towards greater centralisation. State governments receive sizeable transfers from the federal government and own revenues only partially cover their expenses. Finding the right balance between federal control and state...
  N° 1197   27 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/sharing-the-fruits-of-growth-with-all-mexicans_5js4h5njs131-en
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Sharing the Fruits of Growth with all Mexicans
Eduardo Olaberría, Valéry Dugain
In 2013 the Mexican government embarked on a major reform agenda which, if fully implemented and pushed forward, will help Mexico break out from a recent history of economic stagnation and high levels of poverty and inequality that has hampered the quality of life of its citizens. Indeed,...
  N° 1196   27 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/what-makes-mexicans-happy_5js4h5qp6l0w-en
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What Makes Mexicans Happy?
Valéry Dugain, Eduardo Olaberriá
The growing literature studying the determinants of subjective wellbeing find that Mexicans report, on average, levels of life satisfaction that are above what would be predicted by the available objective measures of well-being. This paradox raises the following question: Are the drivers of...
  N° 1195   25 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/improving-the-labour-market-integration-of-immigrants-in-belgium_5js4hmbt6v5h-en
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Improving the Labour Market Integration of Immigrants in Belgium
Álvaro Pina, Vincent Corluy, Gerlinde Verbist
Immigrants make up one fifth of the Belgian working age population, but their labour market integration is poor. Employment rates of non-EU immigrants, in particular, are very low, and the problem extends to their native-born offspring. Further, with more precarious jobs and lower wages,...
  N° 1194   25 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/raising-the-potential-of-the-domestically-oriented-sector-in-germany_5js4hmcf0ghl-en
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Raising the Potential of the Domestically Oriented Sector in Germany
André Eid, Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter
Germany’s manufacturing sector, which plays an important role for exports, has been performing well over the past decade in terms of labour productivity growth and international competitiveness. However, the services sector has had much slower growth rates. Competition often appears to be...
  N° 1193   25 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/improving-transport-infrastructure-in-russia_5js4hmcs3mxp-en
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Improving Transport Infrastructure in Russia
Alexander Kolik, Artur Radziwill, Natalia Turdyeva
Transport can play an important role in promoting growth, diversification and regional convergence. However, with insufficient investment and incomplete structural reforms, Russia faces very large challenges in modernising its large transport system. Urban transport problems are intensifying,...
  N° 1192   25 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/improving-the-business-climate-in-russia_5js4hmd6kq32-en
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Improving the Business Climate in Russia
Artur Radziwill, Yana Vaziakova
Economic growth is below what would be needed to resume rapid convergence to average OECD living standards. On-going efforts to improve the business climate are laudable, but need to be widened and strengthened. Much progress has been achieved in reducing red tape, but it is only recently that...
  N° 1191   12 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/determinants-of-female-entrepreneurship-in-india_5js4rfh5gtbq-en
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Determinants of Female Entrepreneurship in India
Arnaud Daymard
This paper examines the nature and determinants of female entrepreneurship in India based on survey data. The first part assesses basic characteristics of female entrepreneurship in India, while the subsequent sections analyse key determinants of female entrepreneurship based on the literature,...
  N° 1190   12 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-changing-role-of-the-exchange-rate-for-macroeconomic-adjustment_5js4rfhjf15l-en
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The Changing Role of the Exchange Rate for Macroeconomic Adjustment
Patrice Ollivaud, Elena Rusticelli, Cyrille Schwellnus
Recent episodes of large exchange rate movements, such as for Japan or the United Kingdom, have typically not been associated with large changes in trade balances and despite the polarisation of international investment positions large currency fluctuations during the global crisis of 2008-09...
  N° 1189   05 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/boosting-productivity-in-russia_5js4w26114r2-en
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Boosting Productivity in Russia
Lilas Demmou, Andreas Wörgötter
The labour market in Russia is very flexible. Firms adjust to economic shocks through wage cuts, working hour reductions and minimisation of non-wage labour costs. Workers react by changing jobs. This results in a high and stable overall employment rate, but also high wage inequality,...
  N° 1188   06 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/boosting-growth-and-reducing-informality-in-mexico_5js4w28dnn28-en
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Boosting Growth and Reducing Informality in Mexico
Sean Dougherty
Mexico has embarked on a bold package of structural reforms that will help it to break away from three decades of slow growth and low productivity. Major structural measures have been legislated to improve competition, education, energy, the financial sector, labour, infrastructure and the tax...
  N° 1187   05 mars 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-conduct-of-monetary-policy-in-the-future_5js4w293c46j-en
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The Conduct of Monetary Policy in the Future
Kei-Ichiro Inaba, Rory O’Farrell, Łukasz Rawdanowicz, Ane Kathrine Christensen
The set of monetary policy instruments has expanded since the start of the global financial crisis in the many OECD economies. Against this background, this paper analyses whether some of the new instruments should be retained in the long term when broader financial stability objectives are...
  N° 1186   11 fév 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/a-constant-market-share-analysis-of-spanish-goods-exports_5js69lb4b5mt-en
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A Constant Market Share Analysis of Spanish Goods Exports
Alberto González Pandiella
The constant market share analysis framework is used to decompose changes in Spain’s share of the global market for goods exports into competitiveness and structural effects (i.e. the impact of specialisation, either in product or geographical terms) over 1996-2013. As other high-income...
  N° 1185   30 jan 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/raising-the-economic-participation-of-women-in-india_5js6g5kvpd6j-en
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Raising the Economic Participation of Women in India
Piritta Sorsa
Economic participation of women in the labour force or as entrepreneurs is low compared to peers and has declined over the past decades despite strong growth. The gap with men is over 50%--the largest among key emerging markets. Participation declines with higher education achievements and...
  N° 1184   08 jan 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/improving-health-outcomes-and-health-care-in-india_5js7t9ptcr26-en
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Improving Health Outcomes and Health Care in India
Isabelle Joumard, Ankit Kumar
With India’s low life expectancy largely reflecting deaths from preventable diseases, the most significant gains in health would come from population-wide preventive measures. Access to public health care services varies substantially, resulting in many people turning to private-sector...
  N° 1183   26 jan 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/challenges-and-opportunities-of-india-s-manufacturing-sector_5js7t9q14m0q-en
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Challenges and Opportunities of India's Manufacturing Sector
Isabelle Joumard, Urban Sila, Hermes Morgavi
The manufacturing sector has contributed little to income growth and its share in total merchandise exports has been declining. Manufacturing has not brought much new employment, and most of the recent rise in manufacturing employment has been in the informal sector, where workers are not...
  N° 1182   05 jan 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-heterogeneity-of-product-market-regulations_5js7xhxwrnwd-en
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The Heterogeneity of Product Market Regulations
Jean-Marc Fournier
This paper is making use of the OECD product market regulation (PMR) database to measure the heterogeneity of product market regulation across countries for the whole economy, for the main subcomponents of the PMR indicator and for the internet economy. The heterogeneity within EU countries is...
  N° 1181   05 jan 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/implicit-regulatory-barriers-in-the-eu-single-market_5js7xj0xckf6-en
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Implicit Regulatory Barriers in the EU Single Market
Jean-Marc Fournier, Aurore Domps, Yaëlle Gorin, Xavier Guillet, Délia Morchoisne
Gravity models are used to explore the determinants of trade, making use of fixed effect linear estimators and a Poisson estimator (as in Santos Silva and Tenreyro, 2006) with fixed effects. Beyond usual determinants of trade such as GDP, distance, contiguity, free trade areas and language,...
  N° 1180   23 juin 2015 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/can-pro-growth-policies-lift-all-boats_5jxrh8dh5wg7-en
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Can Pro-growth Policies Lift all Boats?
Orsetta Causa, Alain de Serres, Nicolas Ruiz
In a majority of OECD countries, GDP growth over the past three decades has been associated with growing income disparities. To shed some lights on the potential sources of trade-offs between growth and equity, this paper investigates the long-run impact of structural reforms on GDP per capita...
  N° 1179   04 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/empirical-evidence-on-the-effects-of-environmental-policy-stringency-on-productivity-growth_5jxrjnb36b40-en
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Empirical Evidence on the Effects of Environmental Policy Stringency on Productivity Growth
Silvia Albrizio, Tomasz Koźluk, Vera Zipperer
This paper investigates the impact of changes in the stringency of environmental policies on productivity growth in OECD countries. Using a new environmental policy stringency (EPS) index, it estimates a reduced-form model of multi-factor productivity growth, where the effect of countries'...
  N° 1178   04 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/the-indicators-of-the-economic-burdens-of-environmental-policy-design_5jxrjnbnbm8v-en
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The Indicators of the Economic Burdens of Environmental Policy Design
Tomasz Koźluk
Environmental policies seek to address market failures related to the protection of the environment. However, they may also increase barriers to entry and distort competition. If stringent environmental policies can be designed in a way that minimises such economic burdens, they can facilitate...
  N° 1177   04 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/measuring-environmental-policy-stringency-in-oecd-countries_5jxrjnc45gvg-en
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Measuring Environmental Policy Stringency in OECD Countries
Enrico Botta, Tomasz Koźluk
Cross-country analysis of the economic effects of environmental policies is limited by the lack of reliable, comparable measures of the stringency of environmental policies. This paper attempts to fill this gap, by constructing new quantitative indexes of environmental policy stringency (EPS)....
  N° 1176   03 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/do-environmental-policies-matter-for-productivity-growth_5jxrjncjrcxp-en
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Do Environmental Policies Matter for Productivity Growth?
Silvia Albrizio, Enrico Botta, Tomasz Koźluk, Vera Zipperer
Environmental policies address wellbeing and sustainability objectives, affecting firm and household behaviour. A newly developed, cross-country composite proxy of environmental policy stringency (EPS) shows that stringency has been increasing across OECD countries over the past two decades....
  N° 1175   01 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/making-economic-growth-more-socially-inclusive-in-germany_5jxrmdjk28kg-en
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Making Economic Growth more Socially Inclusive in Germany
Andreas Kappeler, Andrés Fuentes Hutfilter
While past labour market reforms have been successful in terms of employment, the relative poverty risk and income inequality have remained broadly unchanged in recent years. Some social groups remain particularly vulnerable, including individuals in non-regular employment, the unemployed and...
  N° 1174   11 déc 2014 Cliquez pour accéder: 
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  • http://www.keepeek.com/Digital-Asset-Management/oecd/economics/new-tax-and-expenditure-elasticity-estimates-for-eu-budget-surveillance_5jxrh8f24hf2-en
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New Tax and Expenditure Elasticity Estimates for EU Budget Surveillance
Robert W. R. Price, Thai-Thanh Dang, Yvan Guillemette
This paper estimates the elasticities of government revenue and expenditure items with respect to the output gap for European Union (EU) countries. These elasticities are used by the European Commission, as part of the EU fiscal surveillance process, to calculate the semi-elasticity of the...
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Moving Towards a More Dynamic Business Sector in Spain
Alberto González Pandiella
Policy efforts to revitalise entrepreneurship and investment in Spain are key to generating growth and new jobs. The government has a substantial reform program to make it easier to do business in Spain, which should in some cases be deepened. Boosting economic growth requires a new generation...
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Better Harnessing Talent and Knowledge to Boost Sustainable Medium-term Growth in Spain
David Haugh, Ben Westmore
Structural transformation towards a more knowledge-based economy will strengthen Spain’s medium-term growth prospects. To deal with long standing impediments to higher growth the government has a substantial structural reform programme touching on education, the labour market and the business...
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The Internet Economy - Regulatory Challenges and Practices
Isabell Koske, Rosamaria Bitetti, Isabelle Wanner, Ewan Sutherland
The Internet has become an integral part of the everyday life of households, firms and governments. Its proper functioning over the long run is therefore crucial for economic growth and people’s wellbeing more generally. The success of the Internet depends on its openness and the confidence of...
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