OECD Economic Surveys: United States

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OECD’s periodic surveys of the United States economy. Each edition surveys the major challenges faced by the country, evaluates the short-term outlook, and makes specific policy recommendations. Special chapters take a more detailed look at specific challenges. Extensive statistical information is included in charts and graphs.

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OECD Economic Surveys: United States 1984

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01 jan 1983
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OECD's 1984 Economic Survey of the United States examines fiscal policy and the budget deficit, monetary policy and financial conditions, performance over the last cycle, recent developments and the short-term outlook and policy issues before drawing a series of conclusions.
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Table des matières

1. Fiscal policy and the budget deficit
-The FY 1983 budget
-The FY 1984 budget
-The sources of the fiscal problem 
-Cyclically adjusted budget estimates
-The influence of state and local government
II. Monetary policy and financial conditions
-Innovation and the demand for money
-Monetary policy implementation in 1982 and 1983
-Interest rates and the policy stance
III. Performance over the last cycle
-The cyclical forces
-Main features of the lastest cycle
IV. Recent developments and the short-term outlook
-The 1983 recovery
-Policy assumptions
-Short-term prospects
-Short-term uncertainties
V. Policy issues
-Fiscal considerations
-Monetary and financial considerations
-The present mix of fiscal and monetary policies
-The merits of a different mix
VI. Conclusions
-A.Summary of official projections
-B. Summary of monetary targets
-C. Fiscal policy
-D. Monetary policy
-E. Statistical annex

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