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Household accounts presents data on disposable income, spending, housing costs, savings, debt and financial assets of households. A household may be a person who makes provision for his or her own food and other essentials for living, or may be small group of people who share the same living accommodation, pool some, or all, of their income and wealth, and consume certain types of goods and services collectively, mainly housing and food. The household group may be made up of related or unrelated people, or a combination of both.

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  • Household disposable income

    Real household net disposable income is defined as the sum of household final consumption expenditure and savings, minus the change in net equity of households in pension funds.
  • Household spending

    Household spending is defined as the final consumption expenditure in all purchases made by resident households (home or abroad) to meet their everyday needs: food, clothing, housing services (rents), energy, transport, durable goods (notably cars),...
  • Housing

    Housing includes rent prices, real and nominal prices for housing price indices, and ratios of price to rent and price to income.
  • Household savings

    Net household saving is defined as the substraction of household consumption expenditure from household disposable income plus the change in net equity of households in pension funds.
  • Household savings forecast

    Household saving is defined as household disposable income, less consumption, plus the change in net equity of households in pension funds.
  • Household debt

    Houshold debt is defined as all liabilities that require payment or payments of interest or principal by household to the creditor at a date or dates in the future.
  • Household financial assets

    Household financial assets is defined as a set of assets that include: currency and deposits; securities other than shares; loans; shares and other equity; net equity of households in life insurance reserves; net equity of households in pension...
  • Household financial transactions

    “Net financial transactions" is the balancing item of the financial accounts of the households.
  • Household net worth

    Household total net worth is the value of total assets minus the total value of outstanding liabilities. Household financial net worth is the balancing item of their financial balance sheet, i.e. total financial assets minus total liabilities,...
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