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Aid for Trade and Development Results
1990-1372 (en ligne)
1990-1380 (imprimé)
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A series of OECD books analyzing  the development aspects of policies in other domains, such as economic, financial, environmental, agricultural or trade policies. By systematically taking the development dimension of member country policies into account, OECD analysis and dialogue can help change behaviour in support of development in an ever more integrated, interdependent global economy.

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    19 juin 2013 Cliquez pour accéder:  Aid for Trade and Development Results
This study presents a tool to help design logical frameworks for results-based management of aid for trade.
    22 mai 2013 Cliquez pour accéder:  Succeeding with Trade Reforms
Succeeding with Trade Reforms: The Role of Aid for Trade highlights the potential of aid for trade to boost economic growth and reduce poverty, while discussing the various reasons why it may not be realised.
    31 oct 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade
This book looks at what the trade and development community needs to know about aid-for-trade results, what past evaluations of programmes and projects reveal about trade outcomes and impacts, and how the trade and development community could improve...
    23 mars 2011 Cliquez pour accéder:  Trade for Growth and Poverty Reduction
Trade for Growth and Poverty Reduction: How Aid for Trade Can Help explains how Aid for Trade can foster economic growth and reduce poverty, and why it is an important instrument for a development strategy that actively supports poverty alleviation.
    22 jan 2010 Cliquez pour accéder:  ICTs for Development
This publication examines access to ICTs in developing countries, broadband Internet access and governments' role in making it available; developments in mobile payments; ICT security issues; ICTs for improving environmental performance; and the...
    16 juin 2009 Cliquez pour accéder:  Internet Access for Development
This book examines how the market for internet traffic exchange has evolved and explores the coherence of policies pursued by developed and developing countries.
    14 avr 2009 Cliquez pour accéder:  Coherence for Health
In developing countries, 6 out of 10 people die from infectious diseases. This book looks at ways of improving the availability of medicines for infectious diseases through strengthened coherence in health, trade, science and technology, development...
    23 sep 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Reconciling Development and Environmental Goals
This book presents scenarios showing numerical results of changes to individual environment/development policies as well as policy packages implemented simultaneously by OECD and developing countries, confirming the need for policy coherence.
    27 fév 2008 Cliquez pour accéder:  Fishing for Coherence in West Africa
Provides an analytical framework adapted to the West African context, as well as an action framework based on the facts and realities in the field in order to improve the coherence of fisheries policies in West Africa.
    09 mai 2007 Cliquez pour accéder:  Trade-Related Assistance
This report draws on key findings and recommendations emerging from available donor evaluation reports, assesses factors that have contributed to the success (or failure) of past programmes, and provides guidance for enhancing the effectiveness and...
    04 déc 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Cotton in West Africa
At a time when trade negotiations on cotton have been suspended, the publication contends that with 16 million people in West African being dependent on cotton production, the dialogue between developed and developing countries must continue and sets...
    13 oct 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Aid for Trade
This book sets out how much aid OECD countries are already providing towards trade-related activities in developing countries, reviews the effectiveness of existing programmes, and makes recommendations for improvements.
    29 août 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Fishing for Coherence
This publication is a compilation of papers and records of the Workshop on Policy Coherence for Development in Fisheries, hosted by the OECD's Committee for Fisheries and Development Assistance Committee in April 2006.
    14 juin 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Integrating Human Rights into Development
By giving numerous examples of practical approaches, this publication shows that there are various ways for donor agencies to take human rights more systematically into account – in accordance with their respective mandates, modes of engagement and...
    08 juin 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Coherence of Agricultural and Rural Development Policies
At a time when agriculture is no longer the dominant sector in rural economies in OECD countries, this study examines the advantages of developing coherence between agricultural and rural development policies.
    09 mai 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  The Development Effectiveness of Food Aid
This study assesses the effectiveness of various ways in which food aid can promote food security and poverty alleviation as well as showing that in-kind food aid carries substantial efficiency costs.
    18 avr 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Trade, Agriculture and Development
These conference proceedings explore why policy coherence is important, how it affects global agricultural trade, and whether it can help reduce poverty and hunger.
    29 mars 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Fishing for Coherence
At a time when millions of people in developing countries depend of fisheries for their livelihoods and nutrition and with most fisheries being over or fully exploited, this book examines the interface between development and fisheries policy.
    13 jan 2006 Cliquez pour accéder:  Miracle, Crisis and Beyond
Thsi book examines the impact of OECD country policies on East Asia in such areas as trade, investment, environment, agriculture, finance and aid, as well as on macroeconomic policies and regional co-operation. It also examines the coherence lessons...
    18 nov 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Agriculture and Development
Agriculture and Development, OECD 2005, discusses the extent to which OECD country agricultural and agricultural trade policies are coherent with, and supportive of, the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, particularly the elimination of...
    15 nov 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Migration, Remittances and Development
This publication presents the current situation with regard to the magnitude and economic impact of migrants’ remittances to their countries of origin.
    20 oct 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Policy Coherence for Development
This book presents the latest thinking to help governments achieve policy coherence in support of development. It provides a synthesis of lessons learned from peer reviews, specific case studies, and recent workshops.
    27 sep 2005 Cliquez pour accéder:  Fostering Development in a Global Economy
What does policy coherence for development mean? Increasing global integration through trade, capital and labour mobility brings increasing mutual responsibilities and mutual policy repercussions. These realities call for greater coherence between ...
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