Conflict and Fragility

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This series of books from OECD's Development Co-operation Directorate address the issues of violent conflict and fragile governments in developing countries, and how aid can be designed to reduce violence and strengthen governments.

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Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence in Urban Areas

Preventing and Reducing Armed Violence in Urban Areas

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30 mars 2011
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To help experts and practitioners working to tackle the problem of armed violence, these three Programming Notes build on the 2009 publication entitled Armed Violence Reduction: Enabling Development. These three notes cover armed violence in urban areas, youth and armed violence, and the linkages between armed violence reduction and security system reform.

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OECD Armed Violence Reduction (AVR) programming notes
1. Cities and violence
-Structure of the note
2. Characteristics of effective urban violence prevention programmes
3. Assessments and programme design
-Inclusive assessment for programme design
-Data sources
-Employing the AVR lens for assessment from programme assessment to design
4. Entry points for AVR programming
5. Direct AVR programming in urban areas
-The importance of engaging multiple levels of government
6. Indirect AVR programming in urban areas
7. Managing programming risks
8. Monitoring and evaluation
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