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This series of monographs from the OECD Development Centre covers development issues generally and in some cases issues in specific countries. It  includes Angus Maddison’s books containing long-term historical estimates of GDP for various areas of the world.

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Institutional Efficiency and its Determinants

Institutional Efficiency and its Determinants

The Role of Political Factors in Economic Growth You or your institution have access to this content

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Frank Bodmer, Silvio Borner, Markus Kobler
12 fév 2004
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9789264106451 (PDF) ;9789264106437(imprimé)

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New Institutional Economics (NIE) takes a multidisciplinary approach to understanding economic phenomena like growth, efficiency and income distribution. The authors of this book attempt to provide an integrated methodology, hitherto lacking in NIE, that analyses both the impact of institutions on economic development and the determinants that shape institutional quality. Using the case of Argentina, they use the analytical framework developed and explained in the book to test their theoretical hypotheses. They find that their concept of institutional quality and their delineation between economic and political institutions work in practice. In addition, their consideration of particular institutions – democracy and autocracy – and their reflections on the impact of "traditional" legal and cultural frameworks add a dimension to the book that gives it a controversial, but stimulating timeliness.

At a time when national governments and international institutions are seeking ways to improve governance and accelerate growth, particularly in the poorer countries, this book provides valuable insights for policy makers and those who advise them. It offers convincing evidence about the quality of institutions as a determining factor in development and suggests how such quality might be improved.

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Table des matières

Chapter One. The Economics of Institutions
Chapter Two: Growth and Institutions
Chapter Three. Institutional Quality and its Determinants
Chapter Four. The Institutional Measures
Chapter Five. Institutional Quality and Economic Development
Chapter Six. The Determinants of Institutional Quality
Chapter Seven. Argentina under Menem: A Case Study
Chapter Eight. Conclusions
Appendix. Data Sources

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