The Development Dimension

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A series of OECD books analyzing  the development aspects of policies in other domains, such as economic, financial, environmental, agricultural or trade policies. By systematically taking the development dimension of member country policies into account, OECD analysis and dialogue can help change behaviour in support of development in an ever more integrated, interdependent global economy.

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Aid for Trade

Aid for Trade

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13 oct 2006
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This book sets out how much aid OECD countries are already providing towards trade-related activities in developing countries and reviews the effectiveness of existing programmes. It argues that reinforcing mutual accountability at the local level, together with a global review mechanism, would enhance the impact of Aid for Trade.
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Table des matières

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. The Origins
Chapter 2. The Scope of the Aid for Trade Agenda
Chapter 3. Donor Support
Chapter 4. The Global Aid Context: The Challenges of Scaling Up
Chapter 5. When Is Aid Effective
Chapter 6. An Effective Aid for Trade Partnership: Local Accountability and Global Review
Annex A. Methodology
Annex B. CRS Purpose Codes
Annex C. DAC List of ODA Recipients
Annex D. Key Findings from Selected Donor TRTA/CB Evaluations

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