The Financial Crisis

The Financial Crisis

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16 Sep 2009
9789264073036 (PDF) ;9789264073012(print)

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The financial crisis required governments to make massive interventions in their financial systems. This book sets out priorities for reforming incentives in financial markets as well as for phasing out these emergency measures.
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Table of Contents

Summary of Main Themes
-Reform Principles
-Exit Strategy Principles
I. Introduction
II. Priorities for Reforming Incentives in Financial Markets
-A. Strengthen the regulatory framework
-B. Focus on integrity and transparency in financial markets
-C. Strengthen capital adequacy rules
-D. Strengthen understanding of how tax policies affect the soundness of financial markets
-E. Ensure Accountability to Owners who’s Capital is at Risk
-F. Corporate Structures for Complex Financial Firms
-G. Strengthening financial education programmes and consumer protection
III Phasing Out Emergency Measures
-A. The timeline for phasing out emergency measures
-B. Roll-back measures in the financial sector
-C. Fostering corporate structures for stability and competition
-D. Strengthening corporate governance
-E. Privatising recapitalised banks
-F. Getting privatisation right
-G. Maximising recovery from bad assets
-H. Reinforcing pension arrangements

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