Policy Issues in Insurance

1990-0821 (online)
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This series addresses major concerns of economic, political and social actors in the insurance sector, and covers a wide scope of regulatory and supervisory issues, such as: investment regulation, solvency assessment, management of insolvency, insurance contract law, mandatory insurance, reinsurance, taxation of insurance products, accountability, convergence in the financial services industry, policy holder protection.

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Reforming the Insurance Market in Russia

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01 Dec 2005
9789264011199 (PDF) ;9789264011182(print)

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This book presents an in-depth historical and analytical review of the reform process in the Russian insurance sector. The report examines the state of the Russian insurance industry, analyses market dynamics and structure, and assesses the major reform initiatives that have occurred in the sector over the past years. Of crucial importance in the reform process was the revision of the organisational structure of the Russian insurance business, improvement of solvency and capitalization requirements for insurance companies, liberalization of the market, and enhancement of supervisory oversight with the establishment of the Federal Service for Insurance Supervision.  

The report concludes with a series of policy recommendations for policymakers and insurance market players.  They are designed to further improve the legal and regulatory framework and to strengthen the insurance industry management structure, operational mechanisms and competitive capacity.

Also available in French
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Chapter 1. The Russian Insurance Market in 2004
Chapter 2. Life Insurance
Chapter 3. Non-Live Insurance
Chapter 4. Legal and Regulatory Framework
Chapter 5. Regulation and Supervision
Chapter 6. Insurance and Business Associations
Chapter 7. Recommendations Appendix 1. Sources and Bibliography
Appendix 2. Extract fromt he Civil Code of the Russian Federation
Appendix 3. Law of the Russian Federation, 27 November 1992, Nol 4015-1
Appendix 5. Top 100 Insurance Companies by Premium Volume in 2003

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