Policy Framework for Investment, 2015 Edition

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11 Sep 2015
9789264243910 (EPUB) ; 9789264208667 (PDF) ;9789264208650(print)

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The objective of the Policy Framework for Investment (PFI) is to mobilise private investment that supports steady economic growth and sustainable development, contributing to the economic and social well-being of people around the world. Drawing on international good practices, the PFI proposes guidance in policy fields critically important for improving the quality of a country’s enabling environment for investment. It encourages policy makers to ask appropriate questions about their economy, their institutions and their policy settings to identify priorities, to develop an effective set of policies and to evaluate progress. First developed in 2006, the PFI was updated in 2015 to take into account feedback from numerous users at country and regional levels, as well as changes in the global economic landscape.


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Table of Contents

The update of the Policy Framework for Investment
Horizontal policies and practices
1. Investment policy
2. Investment promotion and facilitation
3. Trade policy
4. Competition policy
5. Tax policy
6. Corporate governance
7. Policies for enabling responsible business conduct
8. Developing human resources for investment
9. Investment in infrastructure
10. Financing investment
11. Public governance
12. Investment framework for green growth

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