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This series of country-specific investment guides, mostly dealing with eastern european and central Asian countries, describes the foreign investment environment in each subject country.
Investment Guides: Investment Guide for Mongolia 2000

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07 Dec 2000
9789264189607 (PDF) ;9789264183568(print)

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Foreign direct investment (FDI) is an essential component in economic development, in particular for smaller transition economies like Mongolia. For this impact to be realised, the conditions to attract and retain FDI must be created. Despite its isolation and distance from export markets, FDI in Mongolia has been relatively dynamic, aided both by rich natural resources and by the pro-active policies pursued by the Mongolian government. All sectors of the Mongolian economy are open to foreign investors and foreign investment is protected from nationalisation or expropriation. Investment is promoted via a "one-stop shop" which provides a first point of contact and support for foreign investors. The operating environment in Mongolia is evolving to accommodate the requirements of modern businesses. Labour, raw materials and operating costs are competitive and the key legislative acts are in place. Work is progressing to modernise the tax administration. This Investment Guide, published by the OECD’s Centre for Co-operation with Non-Members, provides an overview of the conditions for foreign direct investment in Mongolia. Policy recommendations are made to enhance the attractiveness of the country as an investment venue, including strengthening the legal framework for foreign investment, restructuring the banking system and reinforcing the rule of law.

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Table of Contents

Summary, Conclusions, and Recommendations
I. General Characteristics
-Geography and Climate
-People and Language
-Political History
-The Political System
-The Regional and International Context
II. The Economy
-The Historical Context
-Recent Economic Trends
-Special Features of the Mongolian Economy
-Structure of the Mongolian Economy
-Main Economic Sectors
-The Environment
-Investment Trends
-Feedback from Investors
III. The Investment Policy Framework
-The Legal Framework for Investment
-Investment Incentives
-Amendments to the Law on Foreign Investment
-The Institutional Framework
-Tradeand Investment Agreements
-The Privatisation Programme
IV. The Legal Environment
-Company Law
-Forms of Business Organisation and Business Registration
-Accounting and Auditing
-The Banking System
-The Labour Market
-Intellectual Property Rights-Customs
-Land Reform
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