Insurance Solvency Supervision

Insurance Solvency Supervision

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03 Apr 2002
9789264196230 (PDF) ;9789264197039(print)

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This publication synthesises contributions made by the 30 OECD countries on national regulation of insurance solvency supervision, its practical organisation and the measures taken when difficulties arise. It also contains a comparative analysis of the various systems of solvency supervision set up in OECD countries.
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Table of Contents

Comparative Analysis
I. Introduction
II. Regulations Governing the Supervision of Insurance Solvency
-A. Introductory Remarks
-B. The Scope of Supervision of Insurance Solvency
-C. Systems of Insurance Solvency Supervision: Typology
III. Incorporating the Various Risks into Solvency Supervision
-A. Equity Requirements
-B. Technical Risks
-C. Investment Risks
-D. Other Risks
-E. Measures Specific to Insurance Groups and Financial Conglomerates
IV. Organization of Insurance Solvency Supervision
-A. Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities
-B. Relations with Other Forms of Supervision
V. Financial Difficulties and Insolvencies
-A. Definition of Insolvency: Intervention Thresholds
-B. The Rehabilitation Procedure
-C. Protection of Policyholders in the Event of Insolvency of an Insurance Company
Country Contributions
-Czech Republic
-New Zealand
-United Kindom
-United States

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