Policy Issues in Insurance

1990-0821 (online)
1990-083X (print)
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This series addresses major concerns of economic, political and social actors in the insurance sector, and covers a wide scope of regulatory and supervisory issues, such as: investment regulation, solvency assessment, management of insolvency, insurance contract law, mandatory insurance, reinsurance, taxation of insurance products, accountability, convergence in the financial services industry, policy holder protection.

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Insurance in the Baltic Countries

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25 Mar 2004
9789264021082 (PDF) ;9789264021075(print)

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This book contains papers presenting overviews of various aspects of the Baltic insurance market along with papers examining specific policy issues. The latter include policy recommendations.
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Table of Contents

Part I: Baltic Insurance Market and Regulation: Analysis, Perspectives, and Recommendations
-The Development of the Life Insurance Sector in the Baltic Countries by Janis Bokans
-Insurance in the Baltic States: A Comparative Study of the Non-Life Sector by Robert B. K. Pye
-Reinsurance Issues in the Baltic Countries by Adrian Leonard
Part 2: Policy Issues in Insurance in the Baltic States: OECD Experience and Recommendations to Baltic Countries
-Compulsory Insurance in OECD Countries: Information and Recommendations for the Baltic States by Marcel Fontaine and Helene Rhodes
-The Taxation of Life Insurance Policies in OECD Countries: Implications for Tax Policies and Planning within the Baltic Countries by Harold Skipper
-Liberalisation of Insurance Markets: Issues and Concerns for Baltic States by Harold Skipper
-Environmental Risks and Insurance by Alberto Monti
-Issues in Financial Servicers Integration: Implications for Baltic States by Harold Skipper
Annex I. Twenty Insurance Guidelines for Economies in Transition
Annex II. Detailed Principles for the Regulation of Insurance Markets in Economies in Transition

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