Insolvency Systems in Asia

Insolvency Systems in Asia

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07 Mar 2001
9789264189539 (PDF) ;9789264183308(print)

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The 1997-1998 Asian financial crisis exposed serious deficiencies in the insolvency systems of many countries. In response, many governments have undertaken sweeping reforms to strengthen their insolvency systems and rebuild their economies, including promulgating new laws, introducing new procedures to facilitate restructuring, strengthening courts and related institutions, and recapitalising financial institutions. This volume brings together a comparative report and studies of the insolvency systems of Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. These papers examine, among other things, the extent to which each country was affected by the financial crisis, the effectiveness and efficiency of formal and informal insolvency procedures, recent initiatives undertaken, and areas in need of further reforms. In addition, this publication includes an introductory note summarising the findings and conclusions from the November 1999 conference on "Insolvency Systems in Asia: An Efficiency Perspective".

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Table of Contents

-Synthesis Note
-Asian Insolvency Regimes from a Comparative Perspective: Problems and Issues for Reform by Il Chong Nam and Soogeun Oh
-Country Report for Indonesia by Darrell Johnson
-Country Report for Korea by Il Chong Nam and Joon Kyung Kim
-Country Report for Malaysia by Philip T. N. Koh
-Country Report for the Philippines by Daniel J. Fitzpatrick
-Country Report for Singapore by Insolvency Service Singapore
-Country Report for Thailand by Wisit Wisitsora-At

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