Financial Market Trends

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OECD’s twice-yearly journal providing timely analyses and statistics on financial matters of topical interest and longer-term developments in specific financial sectors. Each issue provides a brief update of trends and prospects in the international and major domestic financial markets along with articles covering such topics as structural and regulatory developments in OECD financial systems, trends in foreign direct investment, trends in privatization, and financial sector statistics covering areas such as bank profitability, insurance, and institutional investors.

Periodically, a small number of articles within one field of financial sector developments – constituting the so-called special focus for the particular issue – may be included.


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OECD's journal on financial markets.  In addition to the analysis of recent developments, this issue includes a feature on government debt management and articles on trade in financial services, regulation of investments by insurance companies and pension funds, mergers and acquisitions and more.

Table of Contents

-Highlights of Recent Developments in Financial Markets
-Cross-Border Trade in Financial Services: Economics and Regulation (joint work of a Steering Group under the Committee on Financial Markets)
-Challenges for Government Debt Management
--Recent Innovations in Government Debt Management: Techniques and Practices and Government Securities Markets by Stephen Lumpkin
--Challenges for Government Debt Management in the Major OECD Countries by Paul Mylonas, Sebastian Schich, Thorsteinn Thorgeirsson and Gert Wehinger
--Electronic Trading in Government Debt by Charles Gaa
-Selected Principles for the Regulation of Investments by Insurance Companies and Pension Funds
-Mergers & Acquisitions in the Financial Services Sector by Stephen Lumpkin
-Structural and Regulatory Developments in OECD Countries
-Reforming Financial Supervision: Experiences from the Netherlands by J. M. Kremers, Tjerk R.P.J. Kroes and Dirk Schoenmaker
-The Changing Nature of Risk and the Challenges to Sound Risk Management in the New Global Financial Landscape by Hans J. Blommestein
-Assessing Distortions in the International Taxation of Portfolio Investment via Collective Investment Institutions by W. Steven Clark
-Index of Recent Features

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