Financial Market Trends

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OECD’s twice-yearly journal providing timely analyses and statistics on financial matters of topical interest and longer-term developments in specific financial sectors. Each issue provides a brief update of trends and prospects in the international and major domestic financial markets along with articles covering such topics as structural and regulatory developments in OECD financial systems, trends in foreign direct investment, trends in privatization, and financial sector statistics covering areas such as bank profitability, insurance, and institutional investors.

Periodically, a small number of articles within one field of financial sector developments – constituting the so-called special focus for the particular issue – may be included.


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OECD's journal on financial markets. In addition to its regular assessment of recent development, this issue includes articles on securitisation, fixed-income securities markets, international insurance operations, tax distortions to cross-border portfolio investment, and more.

Table of Contents

-Highlights of Recent Developments in Financial Markets
--I. Year 2000
--II. United States
---1. Bond Markets
---2. Stock Market Valuation
--III. Japan
--IV. European Markets
--V. Mergers and Acquisitions in the Financial Sector
--VI. Emerging Markets
--VII. Korea
-Trends and Developments in Securitisation by Stephen Lumpkin
-The Development of Fixed-Income Securities Markets in Emerging Market Economy Economies: Key Issues and Policy Actions by Hans J. Blommestein
-Liberalisation of International Insurance Operations by Hisaya Ishii
-Tax Distortions to Cross-Border Portfolio Investment via Mutual Funds by W. Steven Clark
-The Use of Financial Market Indicators by Monetary Authorities by Paul Mylonas and Sebastian Schich

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