Trade by enterprise characteristics

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The Trade by Enterprise Characteristics (TEC) database contains international annual trade data broken down in different categories of enterprises. Its aim is to provide a solid basis for analysts who explore, in the context of globalisation, the characteristics of trade actors.
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Keywords:  enterprises, trade, statistics

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This dataset includes import and export statistics on trade classes in terms of size comprising indicators by number of trading enterprises and trade value, sector according to the economic sector in International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC).Partner zones both include Extra and Intra EU Trade.Data are presented by size class(0-9, 10-49,50-249,250+) with respect to ISIC sectors (mining and quarrying, financial intermediation, real estate, manufacturing of textiles) by reporter country, partner zone, indicator and flow. Data are available from 2003 onwards.
Also available in French
Keywords:  trade, transport, construction, exports, ISIC, imports, agriculture, real estate, retail trade, statistics
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