OECD International Direct Investment Statistics

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OECD International Direct Investment Statistics gives access to a comprehensive set of statistics on foreign direct investment (FDI) into and out of OECD countries. The data are presented in a standardised format combining sectoral and geographical breakdowns for flow and stock data from 1982 onwards. Summary tables and more detailed country table are available.

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Keywords:  FDI, international investment, statistics, foreign direct investment

OECD FDI regulatory restrictiveness index (Edition 2017) You do not have access to this content

Years covered: 
1997 onwards

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The FDI Regulatory Restrictiveness Index (FDI Index) shows data on statutory restrictions of foreign direct investment across a number of economic sectors. Restrictions are evaluated on a 0 (open) to 1 (closed) scale, by type of restriction.

Keywords:  foreign investment, restriction, regulation, investment
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