Benchmark definition, 3rd edition (BMD3)

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This database includes data on foreign direct investment (FDI) into and out of OECD countries according to the Benchmark definition, 3rd edition (BMD3).

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Keywords:  BMD3, 3rd edition, international direct investment, FDI, Benchmark definition, foreign direct investment

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This comparative table provides statistics for OECD countries foreign direct investment flows (inflows, outflows) by industrial sector (Agriculture, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals,retail trade) with respect to the International Standard Industrial Classification Rev. 3 secondary level classification. Data are reported in national currency and USD and are presented from 1985 with annual datapoints.

Also available in French
Keywords:  financial intermediation, inward, FDI, agriculture, outward, statistics, monetary intermediation, manufacturing, real estate, transport, industry flows, mining, insurance, electricity
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