Micro Trade Indicators

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This database has been discontinued. This database provides comprehensive data on the industrial activity (manufacturing, service) of multinationals in OECD. It covers variables such as production, employment, research and trade, inward as well as outward investment. It also includes some international trade indicators that provide cross-disciplinary background information.

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This database has been discontinued. This dataset comprises statistics on micro trade indicators by category of indicators, which shows the value of each member country's exports and imports of services by type of service. The types of services are presented according to the services classification of the 1993 Fifth edition of the Balance of Payments Manual of the International Monetary Fund (BPM5) and its detailed extension, the Extended Balance of Payments Services (EBOPS) Classification. Type of services range from travel, financial to insurance services and are compared with indicators such as comparative advantage, market share, export performance and Herfindalh index. Data are presented from 1994 onwards.
Also available in: French
Keywords: comparative advantage, Herfindalh index, communication services, insurance, statistics, travel, construction services, government services, export performance, market share, royalties and license fees, micro-trade indicators, indicators of services
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