OECD Statistics on Measuring Globalisation

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The measuring globalisation statistics provide comprehensive data on the industrial activity (manufacturing, service) of multinationals in OECD. It covers variables such as production, employment, research and trade, inward as well as outward investment. It also includes some international trade indicators that provide cross-disciplinary background information.

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Keywords:  industry, investment, service, globalisation, statistics

Activity of Multinationals in Manufacturing: Outward activity by industrial sector (Edition 2015) You do not have access to this content

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This dataset provides statistics on outward activity of multinationals by industrial sector with figures on the activity affiliates located abroad (total exports, value added, turnover, gross operating surplus)by industry according to the International Standard Industrial Classification (ISIC Revision 3). Data are presented from 1985 onwards.

Also available in French
Keywords:  statistics, manufacturing, ISIC, outward activity, capital formation, industrial sector, transport equipment, multinationals, chemical products
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