OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, Section 3

Environmental fate and behaviour

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The OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals is a collection of about 150 of the most relevant internationally agreed testing methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories to identify and characterise potential hazards of chemicals. They are a set of tools for professionals, used primarily in regulatory safety testing and subsequent chemical and chemical product notification, chemical registration and in chemical evaluation. They can also be used for the selection and ranking of candidate chemicals during the development of new chemicals and products and in toxicology research. This group of tests covers environmental fate and behaviour. In 2017, the section 3 “Degradation and Accumulation” was renamed to “ Environmental fate and behaviour”  to take into account Test Guidelines measuring endpoints such as dispersion, aggregation.

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Test No. 318: Dispersion Stability of Nanomaterials in Simulated Environmental Media

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09 Oct 2017
9789264284142 (PDF)

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This test guideline describes a test procedure to gain information on dispersion stability of manufactured nanomaterials in simulated environmental media. The main purpose of this guideline is to assess the ability of a nanomaterial to attain a colloidal dispersion and to conserve this dispersion under environmentally relevant conditions. The test procedure involves a dispersion of the nanomaterial with the aid of a calibrated sonication procedure and the determination of the mass concentration of the nanomaterial in a set of test vials while the particles undergo homoagglomeration and settling in environments of different hydrochemistry

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