OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals, Section 2

Effects on Biotic Systems

2074-5761 (online)
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The OECD Guidelines for the Testing of Chemicals is a collection of about 150 of the most relevant internationally agreed testing methods used by government, industry and independent laboratories to identify and characterise potential hazards of chemicals. They are a set of tools for professionals, used primarily in regulatory safety testing and subsequent chemical and chemical product notification, chemical registration and in chemical evaluation. They can also be used for the selection and ranking of candidate chemicals during the development of new chemicals and products and in toxicology research. This group of tests covers effects on biotic systems.

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Test No. 229: Fish Short Term Reproduction Assay

Test No. 229: Fish Short Term Reproduction Assay You or your institution have access to this content

08 Sep 2009
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This Test Guideline describes an in vivo screening assay for fish reproduction where sexually mature male and spawning female fish are held together and exposed to a chemical during a limited part of their life-cycle (21 days). The short term reproduction assay was validated in the fathead minnow (Pimephales promelas) and this is the recommended species. The assay is run with three test chemical concentrations and the necessary controls, including a carrier control if necessary. For the fathead minnow, four replicate test vessels are used for each treatment level and control(s). During the conduct of the assay, the egg production is measured quantitatively daily in each test vessel. At termination of the 21-day exposure period, two biomarker endpoints are measured in males and females separately, as indicators of endocrine activity of the test chemical; these endpoints are vitellogenin and secondary sexual characteristics. Gonads of both sexes are also preserved and histopathology may be evaluated to assess the reproductive fitness of the test animals and to add to the weight of evidence of other endpoints.

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