OECD Sustainable Development Studies

Conducting Sustainability Assessments
2074-3262 (online)
2074-3270 (print)
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Presents a series of studies on various aspects of sustainable development.

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    11 June 2008 Click to Access:  Conducting Sustainability Assessments
Reviews the state of the art in conducting sustainability assessments, including the range of methodologies and tools available.
    25 Mar 2008 Click to Access:  Measuring Sustainable Production
Most people support sustainable development without knowing what it is. What exactly are sustainable consumption and sustainable production, and how are these practices identified? This volume reviews the state-of-the-art in measuring sustainable ...
    30 Apr 2007 Click to Access:  Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development
This volume uses sectoral case studies to illustrate that achieving change in structural policies such as subsidies depends largely on good governance practices.
    26 Apr 2007 Click to Access:  Institutionalising Sustainable Development
This volume contains recommendations for the true "institutionalisation" of sustainable development.
    19 Apr 2006 Click to Access:  Subsidy Reform and Sustainable Development
These proceedings present an overview of approaches for assessing subsidies and associated taxes and look at country experiences in reforming subsidies in agriculture, fisheries, industry and transport.
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