OECD Studies on Environmental Innovation

Energy and Climate Policy
2074-3483 (online)
2074-3491 (print)
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This series of publications examines how technological innovation can make improvements in the environment more effective and more cost-effective.
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    20 Nov 2012 Click to Access:  Energy and Climate Policy
This book presents a series of papers that explore the extent to which technological innovation can lower the cost of achieving climate change mitigation objectives.
    15 Sep 2011 Click to Access:  Invention and Transfer of Environmental Technologies
Inducing environmental innovation is a significant challenge to policy-makers. This book examines the challenges and illustrates them in three sectoral studies: alternative fuel vehicles, solid waste management and recycling, and green chemistry.
    15 Mar 2011 Click to Access:  Better Policies to Support Eco-innovation
This report takes a pragmatic approach to policies that support the development and diffusion of eco-innovation. Building on the OECD Innovation Strategy, it argues that eco-innovation is not merely about technological developments: non-technical...
    23 Oct 2008 Click to Access:  Environmental Policy, Technological Innovation and Patents
This report presents three case studies to illustrate the relationship between environmental policy and technological innovation.
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