OECD Environmental Performance Reviews

1990-0090 (online)
1990-0104 (print)
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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress in achieving domestic and international environmental policy commitments and goals, together with policy-relevant recommendations.  They address the management of air, water, waste, biodiversity, and land; they examine the relationship between economic and social policy and the environment; and they describe the subject country’s international co-operation in such areas as climate change, marine pollution and development co-operation.  Each report includes a broad range of economic and environmental statistical data. On average, five or six countries are reviewed each year.

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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Luxembourg 2010

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31 Mar 2010
9789264077287 (PDF) ;9789264077270(print)

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OECD's 2010 review of Luxembourg's environmental conditions and progress in air, water, waste and materials management; nature and biodiversity; the environment-economy interface; the environment-social interface; and international commitments and co-operation.  The analyses presented are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data and include recommendations for further environmental and sustainable development progress.

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Table of Contents

I. Conclusions and Recommendations
-1. Environmental Management
--Strengthening the implementation and efficiency of environmental policies
--Waste and materials
--Nature and biodiversity
-2. Towards sustainable development
--Integrating environmental concerns into economic decisions
--Integrating environmental and social decisions
-3. International Co-operation
2. Air and Water
-1. Air management
--Air quality
--Air pollutant emissions
-2. Water management
--The state of resources
--Water pricing
-3. Governance
-Selected Sources
3. Waste and Materials Management
-1. Management and action framework
--Legislative and regulatory framework
--Planning and implementation
-2. Current situation
--Trends in waste generation and management
-3. Waste reduction and materials recovery
--Municipal waste
--Non-household waste
-4. Treatment and disposal of final waste
--Municipal waste
--Inert waste
-5. Particular flows
--Hospital and similar waste
--Inert waste
-6. Financing and coherent management
--Expenditure and costs
--Funding for municipal waste management
-Selected Sources
4. Nature and Biodiversity
-1. Objectives
-2. Status of species and their habitats
--Terrestrial and aquatic species
-3. The policy framework for nature conservation and biodiversity
--Institutional framework
--Legislative framework
--National plan for nature conservation
--Funding frameworks
-4. Protected areas and species
--Protected areas
--Species management
-5. Conservation outside protected areas
--Land use management
--Territorial planning
-Selected sources
5. Economy-Enviroment Interface
--Integrating enviornmental concerns into economic decisions
--Strengthening the implementation and efficienty of environmental policies
-1. The environment and economic growth
--The years 2000-07: strong growth and decoupling?
--The years 2008-09: crisis and opportunities?
-2. Institutionalising sustainable development
--From PNDD1 to PNDD2
-3. Sustainable development in practice: market-based integration
--Energy taxes
--Transport taxes
-4. Sustainble development in practice: sector policies
-5. Environmental policy implementation
--Regulatory instruments
--Economic instruments
--Voluntary instruments
-Territorial planning
--Expenditure on environmental protection
-Selected sources
6. Social-Environmental Interface
-1. Environment and health
--Policy objectives and institutions
--Health status and trends
--Environment-related health risk factors
-2. Environmental democracy
--Access to environmental information
--Production and dissemination of enviornmental information
--Access to justice in environmental matters
--Public participation
-3. Local initiatives
-4. Environmental education and awareness
-5. Employment and the environment
-Selected sources
7. International Co-operation

-1. Official development assistance (ODA)
--Luxembourg set the example
--ODA and the environment
-2. Trade and environment
--Multinational business guidelines
--Trade in hazardous substances
--Trade in endangered species
-3. Climate Change
--Objecives and trends
--The National Strategy
-4. Regional Co-operation
--Frameworks for co-operation
--Transboundary waters
-Air pollution
-Selected sources
I.A. Selected environmental data
I.B. Selected economci data
I.C. Selected social data
II.A. Selected mulilateral agreements (worldwide)
II.B. Selected multilateral agreements (regional)
III. Abbreviations
IV. Physical context
V. Selected environmental websites

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