OECD Environmental Performance Reviews

1990-0090 (online)
1990-0104 (print)
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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews provide independent assessments of countries’ progress towards their environmental policy objectives. Reviews promote peer learning, enhance government accountability, and provide targeted recommendations aimed at improving environmental performance, individually and collectively. They are supported by a broad range of economic and environmental data, and evidence-based analysis. Each cycle of Environmental Performance Reviews covers all OECD countries and selected partner economies.

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OECD Environmental Performance Reviews: Korea 2006

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21 Sep 2006
9789264024045 (PDF) ;9789264024038(print)

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This comprehensive review of Korea's environmental policies and programmes brings the reader information on the extent to which Korea is meeting its domestic environmental objectives and international commitments. It reviews progress in pollution abatement and nature and biodiversity management, as well as progress in integrating environmental concerns in agricultural, energy, fiscal, and transport policy. It also examines the environmental-social interface and international commitments. The report includes a series of recommendations and selected statistical data.
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Table of Contents

1. Conclusions and Recommendations
-Environmental Management
--Strengthening the Implementation of Environmental Policies
--Nature and Biodiversity
-Towards Sustainable Development
-International Co-operation
2. Pollution Management
-Policy Objectives
--Legislation and Green Vision 21
--Air Pollution
--Water Pollution and Flooding
--Waste Management
--Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control
-Air Pollution
--Air Quality Trends
--Controlling Air Emissions
--Air Quality Management in the Seoul Metropolitan Area
--Integrating Air Management Objectives into Energy Policy
--Industrial Risks
-Water Pollution and Flooding
--Water Quality Trends
--Waste Water Treatment
--Pollution from Agriculture
--Towards Integrated Water Management
--Preventing Damage from Floods and Inundation
-Waste Management
--Waste Generation Trends
--Waste Reduction
--Recovery and Recycling
--Treatment and Disposal
--Remediating Contaminated Sites
-Expenditure and Financing
--Pollution Abatement and Control Expenditure on Air, Water and Waste
--Financing and Pricing Environmental Services
3. Nature and Biodiversity Management
-Policy Objectives
-State of Nature and Biodiversity
-Policy Measures for Nature Conservation
--Institutional and Legal Framework
--Protected Areas
--Species Protection
--Integration of Nature and Biodiversity Concerns in Land Management and Sectoral Policies
--Expenditure and Financing
--International Co-operation
4. Environmental-Economic Interface
-Progress towards Sustainable Development
--Decoupling Environmental Pressures from Economic Growth
--Sustainable Development and Institutional Integration
--Market-Based Integration with Agricultural Policy
--Market-Based Integration with Energy Policy
--Market-Based Integration with Fiscal Policy
-Implementing Environmental Policy
--Policy Objectives
--The Legal and Administrative Framework
--Enforcement of Legislation and Regulation
--Economic Instruments
--Other Instruments
--Environmental Expenditure
-Transport and the Environment
--Policy Objectives
--Developing Transport Infrastructure
--Improving Vehicles and Fuels
--Internalising the External Costs of Transport
--Traffic Management in Urban Areas
5. Environmental Social Interface
-Strengthening Environmental Democracy
-Environmental Health
-Environmental Awareness and Education
-Spatial Disparities
6. International Co-operation
-Regional and Bilateral Co-operation
-Multilateral Co-operation
-Marine Issues/Fisheries
-Trade and Investment
--Korea's Environment Industry
--Overseas Investments
--Free Trade Agreements
--Endangered Species
--Forest Products
--Hazardous Waste
-Development Assistance
-Selected Environmental Data
-Selected Economic Data
-Selected Social Data
-Selected Multilateral Agreements (Worldwide)
-Selected Multilateral Agreements (Regional)
-Physical Context
-Selected Environmental Web Sites

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