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This is a selection of the Emission Scenario Document (ESDs) and Guidance documents related to ESDs. OECD has been working mainly on environmental exposure assessment for more than 10 years by developing a series of Emission Scenario Documents (ESDs) and other guidance documents and tools related to exposure of chemicals to the environment.

Metalworking Fluids

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03 Sep 2014
9789264220980 (PDF)

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This OECD Emission Scenario Document provides information on the sources, use patterns and potential release pathways of chemicals used in metalworking fluids. The document presents standard approaches for estimating the environmental releases of and occupational exposure to  chemicals ussed in metalworking fluids.


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Table of Contents

1. Industry Summary and Background 15
2. Process Description 18
3. Overall Approach and General Facilty Estimates 30
4. Environmental Release Assessments 40
5. Occupational Exposure Assessments 52
6. Sample Calculations 64
7. Data Gaps/Uncertainties and Future Work 72
8. References 73
Appendix A. Estimation Equation Summary and Default Parameter Values
Appendix B. Background Information and Equations / Defaults for the Standard EPA Environmental Release and Worker Exposure Models
Appendix C. Summary of Release Data from MP&M Effluent Guidelines Database
Appendix D. TOC Removal Efficiency Data
Appendix E. EU Release Estimates from Wastewater Treatment


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