Innovation and the Environment

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11 Dec 2000
9789264188457 (PDF) ;9789264185746(print)

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How can innovation and technology better contribute to environmental sustainability? What factors drive firms to innovate for the environment? How can environmental and innovation policies be better designed to stimulate innovation for the environment? How can better policy coherence be achieved? A recent OECD workshop addressed these crucial questions that lead to a better understanding of the interaction between innovation and the environment and explored elements of "best practice" policies that can stimulate innovation for the environment and shift our development path towards sustainability.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Workshop on Innovation and the Environment: Rapporteur's Report by George R. Heaton, Jr.
Chapter 2. Innovation for Environmental Sustainability by Yukiko Fukasaku
Part I. Environmental Policies to Stimulate Innovation
Chapter 3. Technology and Environmental Policy: Innovation Effects of Past Policies and Suggestions for Improvement by Rene Kemp
Chapter 4. Innovation under the Tradeable Sulphur dioxide Emission Permits Programme in the US Electricity Sector by Dallas Burtraw
Chapter 5. The Carbon Tax in Sweden by Bengt Johansson
Chapter 6. Effectiveness of Voluntary Agreemennts: Results of the Second Follow-Up to the Keidanren Voluntary Action Plan on the Environment by Hajime Ohta
Part II. Drivers of Environmental Innovation and Innovation Policies for Enhancing Environmental Performance
Chapter 7. Sustainable Innovation: Drivers and Barriers by Andrew Dearing
Chapter 8. Beyond the Double Divident: Public and Private Roles in the Supply of and Demand for Environmentally Enhancing Technologies by Vicki Norberg-Bohm
Chapter 9. Eco-Efficiency, Entrepreneurship, and Cooperation: The Finnish Environmental Cluster Research Programme by Antero Honkasalo
Chapter 10. Linking the Research Base and the Market Through Technology Foresight by H. E. Williams

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