Domestic Transferable Permits for Environmental Management

Domestic Transferable Permits for Environmental Management

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15 June 2001
9789264192638 (PDF) ;9789264186569(print)

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To address many of the environmental challenges that face us today, including climate change, countries are striving to deploy efficient and effective tools for environmental management at the national level. Tradable/transferable permits are one such tool. What are the key design parameters for domestic tradable permit programmes? What additional considerations should policy-makers keep in mind before choosing tradable permits over other policy instruments? Why have many proposals for domestic tradable permit systems failed to materialise and how could the obstacles be overcome?

This publication attempts to answer these questions, by providing a systematic analysis of the various approaches, challenges, conditions and potential solutions relating to the design and introduction of domestic transferable permit schemes.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Origins, Aims, and Approaches
-Brief Historical Overview
-Aims and Expected Benefits
-Basic Definitions and Concepts
Chapter 2. Key Variables in the Design of a Transferable Permits System
-Aims and Basic Characteristics of the System
-Design Options for the System
-Means of Application
-Two Examples of Transferable Permis Programmes
Chapter 3. Implementation Issues and Constraints
-Issues Relating to Competitiveness and Market Power
-Issues Relating to Compatibility with Institutional Framework for Public Policies
-Issues Relating to Distributive Aspects
-Issues Relating to Social Impacts and Political Acceptability
Chapter 4. Making an Informed Decision to Introduce Transferable Permits
-The Nature of the Problem
-The Existing Institutional Context
-Favorable Economic Circumstances
-Incentive Taxes, Financial Mechanisms, or Tradable Permits?
Chapter 5. Directions for the Development of a Transferable Permits System
-Strategic Directions for Determining the Nature of Transferable Permit Systems
-The Process of Designing and Introducing Transferable Permits

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