The Link Between Energy and Human Activity

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International Energy Agency

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01 Jan 1998
9789264181793 (PDF) ;9789264156906(print)

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Energy use patterns and trends are shaped by the decisions of hundreds of millions of individuals, households, and organisations. Understanding this complex fabric of energy use, and the consequent carbon dioxide emissions, is vital to developing effective policies in support of energy security, economic prosperity, and environmental protection. This book illustrates how indicators can extract from that fabric the most important links among energy uses, behaviour, the economy, and government policy. It explains how energy use has evolved in the past and what is influencing it now, and provides insights on what could shape it in the future. This represents an important step in better understanding the link between energy use and human activity.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Overview
-Who’s in Charge Here?
-Policies: the Devils Are in the Details 1
-Why This Book?
-Indicators and CO2 Emissions: A Way Forward
-Questions, Questions
Chapter 2. The Indicators
-The Big Picture versus Building Blocks
-An Example: Automobile Fuel Use
-The Energy Indicators Pyramid
-Indicators Come in Different Flavours
Chapter 3. Houses, Factories 
-Some Real Results
-Star Sectors
--Households: John Q. Public Does His Part
---Energy Intensities and Efficiencies
---Aggregate Indicators
---Differences Among Countries
---Driving Factors
---CO2 Emissions from Household Energy Use
---Structure Energy & Human Activity
---Energy Use and Intensity
---Fuel Choice
---Aggregate Indicators
---Driving Forces
---CO2 Emissions from Manufacturing
Chapter 4. Travel, Services
Travel: Let’s Take a Spin and Burn Some Carbon
---Vehicle Characteristics
---Vehicle Use
---Fuel Choice
--Vehicle Energy Use and Intensity
--Aggregate Indicators
--Differences Among Countries
--"Driving" Factors in Driving: Why Energy Use in Travel Increases
--CO2 Emissions from Travel
--More Insights 
-Freight: Roaring Down the Road
--Truck Energy Intensity
-Driving Forces
-CO2 Emissions from Freight
--Energy Intensity
--Aggregate Indicators
--CO2 Emissions from Services
Chapter 5. Driving Forces
The Past as Prologue? Not Necessarily
-Key Forces at Work
Chapter 6. Policy Making
-The Policy Process
-Policies About Indicators

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