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The International Energy Agency (IEA) is leading the development of a series of roadmap for some of the most important energy technologies.  Roadmaps achieve consensus on low-carbon energy milestones, priorities for technology development, policy and regulatory frameworks, investment needs and public engagement.  As such, roadmaps can provide solid analytical footing that enables national policy makers and industry to develop specific technologies.  12 technology specific roadmaps have now been completed covering both energy supply and demand technologies.

Technology Roadmap How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks

Technology Roadmap How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks

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International Energy Agency

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01 June 2015
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This How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks (Distribution SG H2G) seeks to provide decision makers with tools and steps for developing and implementing a strategic plan for smart grids at the national, regional or municipal level. It is the second in the International Energy Agency (IEA) series of How2Guides (H2Gs), concise manuals that seek to guide the reader through the key steps to developing and implementing a roadmap for a given technology, sector or system.

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Table of Contents

Foreword 1

Acknowledgements 4

Introduction 5

About technology roadmaps 5

About the How2Guide for Smart Grids in Distribution Networks 5

About smart grids 6

What are smart grids and why are they important? 6

Why focus on smart grids in distribution networks? 8

Overview of types of smart grid projects in distribution networks 9

The roadmap development process 12

Phase 1: Planning and preparation 12

Identifying stakeholders for smart grids in distribution systems 12

Conducting baseline research for smart grid potential 17

Phase 2: Visioning 18

Drivers for the deployment of smart grids in distribution networks 20

Addressing drivers through three case studies 25

Phase 3: Preparing the roadmap document 29

Common barriers to smart grid deployment and possible response actions 29

Timeline and milestones for smart grid deployment 36

Phase 4: Implementation, monitoring and revision 38

Conclusion 42

Annex 1: Possible structure of a smart grid roadmap 43

Annex 2: Stakeholder categories and mandate: The RACI chart 44

Annex 3: Brief descriptions of smart grid technologies 45

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