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The International Energy Agency (IEA) is leading the development of a series of roadmap for some of the most important energy technologies.  Roadmaps achieve consensus on low-carbon energy milestones, priorities for technology development, policy and regulatory frameworks, investment needs and public engagement.  As such, roadmaps can provide solid analytical footing that enables national policy makers and industry to develop specific technologies.  12 technology specific roadmaps have now been completed covering both energy supply and demand technologies.

Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

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International Energy Agency

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12 Oct 2009
9789264088177 (PDF)

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This energy technology roadmap focuses on electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles (EV/PHEV), presenting for the first time a detailed scenario for their evolution from annual production of a few thousand to over 100 million vehicles by 2050. It finds that the next decade is a key “make or break” period for EVs and PHEVs: governments, the automobile industry, electric utilities and other stakeholders must work together to roll out vehicles and infrastructure in a coordinated fashion, and ensure that the rapidly growing consumer market is ready to purchase them. The roadmap concludes with a set of near-term actions to achieve the roadmap’s vision.

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