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The International Energy Agency’s annual Renewables Information brings together in one reference volume essential statistics on renewables and waste energy sources. Part I of the publication provides a statistical overview of the previous year’s developments in the markets for renewables and waste in the OECD member countries. It also provides selected renewables indicators for non-OECD countries. Part II provides, in tabular form, a more detailed and comprehensive picture, including preliminary data, of developments for renewable and waste energy sources for each of the 30 OECD member countries. It encompasses energy indicators, generating capacity, electricity and heat production from renewable and waste sources, as well as production and consumption of renewable and waste products.

Renewables Information 2005

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International Energy Agency

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25 July 2005
9789264109087 (PDF) ;9789264109070(print)

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A comprehensive book of data on the use of renewables and waste. The first part of the publication features an statistical overview  for 2003 of renewable and waste energy in OECD and non-OECD countries.  The second part provides moredetailed statistical tables for eight regional aggregates and for each of the thirty OECD countries, including preliminary data for 2004.  The book also includes principles and definitions, and includes general notes, notes on energy sources, country notes, notes on geographical coverage, as well as conversion tables.

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Table of Contents

Part I. Renewables in Global Energy Supply
-Development of Renewable and Waste Sources in the World
--An IEA Fact Sheet
--Selected Renewable Indicators by Country for 2003
-Development of Renewable and Waste Sources in OECD Countries
--Primary Energy Supply
--Electricity Production
--Installed Generating Capacity
-Variability of Wind Power and Other Renewables: Management Options and Strategies
Part II. OECD Renewables and Waste Graphs and Data
-1. Principles and Definitions
-2. Geographical Coverage
-3. Country Notes
-4. Conversion Factors
-5. Graphs and Data
--Contribution of Renewable Energy Sources to TPES by Country
--Share of Electricity Production from Renewable Sources by Country
--Share of Electricity Production from Renewable Sources Excluding Hydro by Country
--Primary Energy Supply from Different Renewable Sources, 2003, by Country
--Graphs: Electricity Production by Renewable Energy Source (Gwh)
--Detailed Tables for Individual OECD Regions and Countries

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