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Over recent decades, natural gas has been an important element of secure, affordable, and environmentally responsible energy supply. But as production from IEA member countries declines, supplies will have to come from sources in more distant regions. The Natural Gas Market Review 2007, an International Energy Agency annual, addresses key questions in this dynamic market. It offers a global appraisal of current trends in the light of the most recent historical data, including supply and demand projections, and addresses such as security of supply, investment, and changes in the LNG industry.

Natural Gas Market Review 2009

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International Energy Agency

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29 June 2009
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The global economic crisis has not spared the gas sector. Over the past year, we have moved from a tight supply and demand balance with extremely high gas prices to an easing one with plummeting gas prices. The Natural Gas Market Review 2009 looks at various developments including the rapid increase in US unconventional gas production, new volumes of liquefied natural gas coming on stream, security of supply following the Russian-Ukraine crisis, and weakening investment in the different parts of the gas value chain in a selection of IEA countries – the United States, Canada, Spain, Norway, the Netherlands, and Turkey – as well as in non-IEA member countries in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and China.

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Recent Events
-Gas in an era of global recession
-The evolution of gas prices
-Trading developments in Western Europe
-The 2009 Russia-Ukraine gas dispute
-Gas Exporting Countries Forum
-Supply investments in major producing regions
-Investment in liquefaction capacity
-Investments in regasification and pipelines
-Investments in storage
-The impact of the financial crisis on gas project financing
Developments in LNG markets
-An era of global projects begins
-2008 LNG markets: Sharp contrast between the first and second halves
-LNG business outlook: 2009-2013
Market developments
-Gas for power
-Towards greater transparency
Non-OECD countries and regions
-Southeast Asia
-West Africa
-Middle East and North Africa
OECD countries and regions
-North America
-The Netherlands
Annex 1. Abbreviations
Annex 2. Glossary
Annex 3. Conversion Factors

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