Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report

International Energy Agency

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Each year, the Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report assesses the current state of play of renewable energy, identifying the main drivers and barriers to deployment and projecting renewable energy electricity capacity and generation for the coming five years.

Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014

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International Energy Agency

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28 Aug 2014
9789264218215 (PDF) ;9789264218178(print)

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The Medium-Term Renewable Energy Market Report 2014 assesses market trends for renewables in the electricity, transport and heat sectors, identifying drivers and challenges to deployment, and making projections through 2020. The report presents for the first time an investment outlook for renewable power capacity, in addition to projections for renewable electricity technologies, a global biofuels supply forecast and extended analysis of final energy use of renewables for heat.

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Table of Contents

Foreword 3
Acknowledgements  4
Executive summary 13
-The role of renewables in the energy mix continued to expand in 2013 13
-Strong market drivers, but increased risks for renewable power deployment ahead 14
-Higher renewable electricity deployment possible under enhanced case conditions  17
-Improving competitiveness, but market and policy frameworks keys for investment 18
-Biofuels for transport and renewable heat expanding, though with challenges 20
-Renewables at risk of falling short versus long-term clean energy scenarios  21
-References 23
Analytical framework  24
-Renewable energy data present unique challenges 24
-Country-level approach underpins the renewable electricity analysis 24
-Outlooks for technology and investment guide the global picture  26
-Biofuels for transport and renewable heat round out the analysis 26
-References  28
Renewable electricity: OECD 29
-Summary 9
-OECD Americas 31
-OECD Asia Oceania 45
-OECD Europe 56
-References 72
Renewable electricity: Non-OECD 75
-Summary 75
-Africa 77
-Asia  90
-China 102
- Europe and Eurasia  111
- Middle East 118
- Non-OECD Americas 125
-References 134
Renewable electricity: Global technologies  138
-Summary 138
- Global trends in renewable power: Geographical diffusion 140
- Global trends in renewable power: Economic competitiveness  141
-Bioenergy for power 144
-Geothermal power 148
-Hydropower 149
-Ocean power  154
-Offshore wind 157
-Onshore wind  161
-Solar PV 166
-Special focus: Solar PV reaching socket parity 177
-STE 189
-References 193
Investment in renewable power 197
-Summary 197
-Trends in renewable electricity capacity investment 198
-Medium-term outlook for investment in new renewable power capacity 205
-References 207
Renewable heat  208
-Summary 208
-Total FEH today 209
-Renewable energy use for heat: Market trends, forecast and policy frameworks 210
-Renewable heating technologies 219
-References  228
Renewable transport 230
-Summary 230
-Global overview 231
-Regional forecasts 235
-Advanced biofuels industry 244
-References 245
Tables 247
Glossary of definitions, terms and abbreviations 252

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