IEA Scoreboard 2011

IEA Scoreboard 2011

Implementing Energy Efficiency Policy: Progress and challenges in IEA member countries You do not have access to this content

International Energy Agency

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19 Oct 2011
9789264124653 (PDF) ;9789264124592(print)

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On the occasion of its 35th Anniversary in 2009, the International Energy Agency published the first edition of the Scoreboard focusing on 35 Key Energy Trends over 35 Years. In parallel, the IEA published Implementing Energy Efficiency Policies: Are IEA Member Countries on Track?. Both publications found that although IEA member countries were making progress in implementing energy efficiency, more work was needed.
In the 2011 edition of the Scoreboard, the IEA has decided to focus on energy efficiency. The publication combines analysis of energy efficiency policy implementation and recent indicator development. The resulting Scoreboard 2011 provides a fuller picture of the progress as well as the challenges with implementing energy efficiency policy in IEA member countries.

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