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The International Energy Agency (IEA) is leading the development of a series of roadmap for some of the most important energy technologies.  Roadmaps achieve consensus on low-carbon energy milestones, priorities for technology development, policy and regulatory frameworks, investment needs and public engagement.  As such, roadmaps can provide solid analytical footing that enables national policy makers and industry to develop specific technologies.  12 technology specific roadmaps have now been completed covering both energy supply and demand technologies.

How2Guide for Wind Energy

How2Guide for Wind Energy

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International Energy Agency

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28 Mar 2014
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This How2Guide for Wind Energy (Wind H2G) is designed to provide interested stakeholders from both government and industry with the necessary tools to plan and implement a roadmap for wind energy technology at the national or regional level.

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Table of Contents

Foreword 1
Acknowledgements 4
Introduction 5

About technology roadmaps 5
About the How2Guide for Wind Energy 5
About wind energy 6

-Offshore wind energy 7
System integration 7
The roadmap development process 9
Phase 1: planning and preparation 9

-Conducting baseline research for wind energy 9
dentifying wind energy stakeholders 11
Phase 2: visioning 14
Phase 3: roadmap development 14

-Identifying barriers and actions to overcome them 15
Selecting actions for wind energy deployment 26
Setting milestones and identifying responsible players for wind energy deployment 26
Phase 4: implementation, monitoring and revision 28
Conclusions 30
Glossary 31
Abbreviations and acronyms 32
References 33
Annex: Possible structure of a wind energy roadmap 35

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