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International Energy Agency

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Energy Prices & Taxes contains a major international compilation of energy prices of OECD countries: including crude oil and oil product spot prices, import costs by crude stream, industry prices and consumer prices. The end-user prices cover the main petroleum products, gas, coal and electricity. Every issue includes full notes on sources and methods and a description of price mechanisms in each country. Time series availability varies with each data series.

Please note: Due to reductions in our annual budget, the IEA no longer has adequate resources to provide complete information on energy prices and taxes and so has had to suppress certain sections of Energy Prices and Taxes as of 1 January 2012. As a result, some price series have been discontinued in this edition. The series concerned are natural gas and LNG import prices, coal import and export prices and end-use prices for all non-OECD countries. The IEA considered it necessary to reduce the coverage of our publication in order to maintain the high quality of the remaining information in Energy Prices and Taxes. We are hopeful that we may be able to restore these sections in the future if resources become available.

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Energy Prices and Taxes, Volume 2007 Issue 1

Energy Prices and Taxes, Volume 2007 Issue 1

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The International Energy Agency's detailed quarterly report on developments in energy prices and taxes in OECD and selected non-OECD Countries.  Prices are provided at all market levels: import prices, industry prices and consumer prices.  The statistics cover main petroleum products, gas, coal, and electricity and prices are provided in both national currencies and in US dollars. Coverage is provided as far back as 1980 on an annual basis and 2003 on a monthly or quarterly basis.  This issue's special feature covers the impact of higher energy prices on demand.
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Table of Contents

 Feature Article
 -The Impact of Higher Energy Prices on Demand
 Recent Energy Price Developments and Summary Data
 -Spot Prices
 -Import Costs
 -End-Use Price Indices
 -Taxes and Duties
 Part I. Import and Exports Costs and Indices
 -General Note on Definitions, Methods and Sources
 -Crude Oil Spot Prices
 -Marine Bunker Spot Prices
 -Oil Product Spot Prices
 -Crude Oil Import Costs
 -Natural Gas Import Costs
 -Steam Coal Import Costs
 -Coking Coal Import Costs
 -Steam Coal and Coking Coal Export Prices
 Part II. Energy End-Use Prices in OECD Countries
 -A. Indices
 -B. Energy End-Use Prices, Taxes, and Prices Indices in National Currencies for 30 OECD Countries
 -C. Taxation of Energy Prices
 -D. Energy End-Use Prices in US Dollars/Unit
 -E. Energy End-Use Prices in US Dollars/TOE
 -F. Energy End-Use Prices in US Dollars/Units using Purchasing Power Parities
 Part III. Energy End Use Prices in Non-OECD Countries
 -A.Energy End-Use Prices, Taxes, and Prices Indices in National Currencies for 16 Non-OECD Countries
 -B. Enery End Use Prices in US Dollars by type of energy
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