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The most important sources in the Nordic countries measured in terms of energy supply in millions toe (tonnes oil equivalent) are in order of importance: oil, solid fuels (e.g. coal and wood), nuclear power, hydro and geothermal power, solar energy and gas. Hydro and geothermal power and other renewable sources of energy are major sources of energy in the Nordic countries as compared to the EU countries. Energy production and energy use have a major environmental impact. The environmental problem is not so much the production or use of energy per se as the fact that most of the energy use in the world stems from fossil fuels, which results in the emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), contributing to the greenhouse effect. For more information:

Keywords:  greenhouse, emission, fossil fuel, renewable source, energy production, coal, energy supply, greenhouse effect, solar energy, nuclear power, hydro, co2, gas, geothermal power, wood, carbon dioxide, energy use, solid fuels, tonnes oil, energy

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Nordic Council of Ministers

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This indicator shows the final consumption of energy in households in per cent of total final energy consumption. The indicator expresses the sum of the energy supplied to the final consumer's door for all energy uses. Final energy consumption in households covers quantities consumed by private households. For more information: The indicator is discontinued

Keywords:  consumption of energy, climate, energy
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