IEA Renewables Information Statistics

1726-6580 (online)
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The database provides statistics on renewables and waste energy supply and demand for OECD countries. For most OECD countries, the data series begin in 1990.
Keywords: energy, IEA, generation, renewable

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    OECD - Electricity and heat generation from renewables

    This dataset includes statistics regarding electricity and heat generation derived from renewables such as fuel input, plants, autoproducer, CHP plants, biomass, geothermal, industrial waste,solar thermal, the table is focusing on analyzing Gross Electricity Production ( GWh), Fuel Input (TJ), Gross Heat Production (TJ), Fuel Input( Metric Ton).
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    OECD - Net capacity of renewables

    This comparative table comprises statistics about net capacity of renewables in MWe terms. Renewable electricity and heat generation are derived from solar thermal, geothermal, hydro, wind.

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    OECD - Renewables balance

    This dataset focuses on the renewables market while providing full balance data such as primary energy supply, transformation sector and final consumption based in kilotonne and terajoule of renewables equivalent for OECD countries and OECD country aggregate.

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    OECD - Renewables supply and consumption

    This comparative tables presents figures on the renewable energy supply and consumption market amongst OECD member countries by analyzing renewable products in terms of production, import and exports.

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    World - Renewable and Waste Energy Statistics

    This dataset comprises statistics regarding various renewable and waste energy while presenting trade statistics of various renewable energy products as well as figures for those products in terms of electricity output (GWh) and heat output(TJ).

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    World - Renewable and Waste Energy Supply (Ktoe)

    This dataset figures reprensenting various renewable and waste energy supply statistics while showcasing the renewable energy market’s products as well as figures for those products in terms of electricity output (GWh, heat output(TJ), domestic supply and stock changes.

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