China's Power Sector Reforms: Where to next?

China's Power Sector Reforms: Where to next? You do not have access to this content

International Energy Agency

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10 July 2006
9789264109889 (PDF) ;9789264109810(print)

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In 2005, China added the equivalent of all the power plants in Norway and Sweden to its electricity generating capacity - and its remarkable demand growth shows no sign of abating. But how can the government best assure affordable and environmentally sustainable electricity supply in the future? Assessing the current state of electricity regulation in China, this report draws on experience elsewhere to explore how better to develop and communicate strategy, how to moderate growth in demand through increased efficiency, how to integrate environmental goals into planning and operation, how to ensure sufficient supply when and where it is needed, and how to handle institutional and governance challenges.
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Table of Contents

Key Messages
Executive Summary
I. The Starting Point
-Main Features of China's Power Sector
-The Governance and Institutional Framework
II. Next Steps
-Setting, Communicating, and Implementing a Clear Strategy
-Strengthening Institutional Capacities
-Promoting Environmental Goals: Tackling Coal Pollution
-Towards More Efficient Pricing and Investment
-Managing Demand
-Towards Effective Markets: Actions for the Near Term
-Towards Effective Markets: Considerations for the Longer Term
-Concluding Remarks

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