Chile Energy Policy Review 2009

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International Energy Agency

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26 Oct 2009
9789264073159 (PDF) ;9789264073142(print)

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Drawing on the experience of IEA member countries, this IEA review assesses Chile’s major energy challenges and provides recommendations. Six main themes emerge: the successful liberalisation of the power sector in the 1980s; the essential role played by the state in ensuring energy security; the re-formulation of Chile’s long-term energy policy; the proposed reorganisation of the institutional framework; greater independence for the system operators; and the need for a clear framework of regulation so that long-term investment decisions integrate social and environmental costs.
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Table of Contents

Organisation of the Review and Acknowledgements
Executive Summary and Key Recommendations
1. General Energy Policy
2. Security of Energy Supply
3. Energy and Environment
4. Energy Efficiency
5. Fossil Fuels
6. Electricity
7. Renewables
8. Biomass
9. Access to Energy in Rural Areas
10. Transport
11. Energy Research and Development
Annex I. Energy Balances and Key Statistical Data
Annex II. International Energy Agency "Shared Goals"
Annex III. Abbreviations and Units

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