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Energy Technology Perspectives 2015 Click to Access:
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As climate negotiators work towards a deal that would limit the increase in global temperatures, interest is growing in the essential role technology innovation can and must play in enabling the transition to a low-carbon energy system.
Energy Policies Beyond IEA Countries: Caspian and Black Sea Regions 2015 Click to Access:
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Conveniently located near the world’s fastest growing energy markets, the resource-rich and transit countries of Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia contribute significantly to world energy security. However, shared challenges across the region...
Nuclear Energy 2015 Click to Access:
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This Roadmap updates the edition published in 2010 to take account of developments since that time.
Policy Guidance for Investment in Clean Energy Infrastructure Click to Access:
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This publication provides host country governments with guidance on the policy options that are available to make the most of investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure, drawing on the expertise of climate and investment communities...
Energy Policies Beyond IEA Countries: Indonesia 2015 Click to Access:
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Indonesia can claim many economic and political achievements over the last 15 years: the country posted consistently high economic growth rates, joined the G20, stabilised its young democracy, and devolved budgetary power and decision making ...
Medium-Term Oil Market Report 2015 Click to Access:
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This edition of the Medium-Term Oil Market Report sizes up the magnitude of the market transformation caused by the price collapse and sketches the oil landscape at the 2020 horizon.