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Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Austria 2014 Click to Access:
The International Energy Agency's 2014 review of Austria’s energy policy analyses the energy policy challenges facing Austria and provides sectoral studies and recommendations for further policy improvements.
How2Guide for Wind Energy Click to Access:
This How2Guide for Wind Energy (Wind H2G) is designed to provide interested stakeholders from both government and industry with the necessary tools to plan and implement a roadmap for wind energy technology at the national or regional level.
Energy Storage Click to Access:
This roadmap aims to increase understanding among a range of stakeholders of the applications that electricity and thermal energy storage technologies can be used for at different locations in the energy system.
The Power of Transformation Click to Access:
This book gauges the economic significance of the grid integration of variable renewable energy.
Medium-Term Coal Market Report 2013 Click to Access:
The Medium-Term Coal Market Report-2013 provides IEA forecasts on coal markets for the coming five years as well as an in-depth analysis of recent developments in global coal demand, supply and trade.
CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion 2013 Click to Access:
This book provides data on CO2 emission from fuel combustions from 1971 to 2010 for more than 140 countries and regions by sector and by fuel.