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World Energy Outlook 2014 Click to Access:
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Now with projections to 2040, the World Energy Outlook presents all the latest data and developments to produce a comprehensive and authoritative analysis of medium- and longer-term energy trends. It also includes in-depth analyses of energy in...
CO2 Emissions from Fuel Combustion 2014 Click to Access:
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The data in this book are designed to assist in understanding the evolution of the emissions of CO2 from 1971 to 2012 for more than 140 countries and regions by sector and by fuel.
Energy Policies Beyond IEA Countries: Morocco 2014 Click to Access:
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This review analyses the energy policy challenges facing Morocco and provides recommendations for further policy improvements.
Energy Efficiency Market Report 2014 Click to Access:
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This report includes an in-depth look at energy efficiency developments in the transport sector and in finance, as well as reviews of national energy efficiency market developments in various jurisdictions around the world, including Canada, China,...
Key World Energy Statistics 2014 Click to Access:
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The IEA produced its first handy, pocket-sized summary of key energy data in 1997 and every year since then it has been more and more successful. Key World Energy Statistics contains timely, clearly-presented data on supply, transformation and ...
Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency Click to Access:
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This book explains the multiple benefits of energy efficiency, and demonstrates how policy makers and other stakeholders can use existing tools to measure and maximise the benefits they seek.