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Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Italy 2016
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Since the last in-depth review in 2009, Italy has made strong progress in the development and implementation of energy policy. The most notable improvement has been the publication of a comprehensive long-term energy strategy.
Energy efficiency indicators
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This statistical report is designed to help understand what drives f inal energy use in IEA member countries in order to improve and track national energy eff iciency policies. It provides the first comprehensive selection of data that the IEA has...


Primary energy supply
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Primary energy supply is defined as energy production plus energy imports, minus energy exports, minus international bunkers, then plus or minus stock changes.
Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Czech Republic 2016
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The Czech Republic recently approved a new National Energy Policy (SEP) that aims to reduce energy consumption and improve the economy’s energy intensity. This IEA country review provides a snapshot of the energy sector in the Czech Republic and...
Energy and Resilient Cities
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This paper analyses the role of cities in energy policies to build resilience and assesses related energy policy practices in cities. It analyses how energy affects resilience in cities from the economic, environmental, social and institutional...

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Did you know that at current rates the world will need nearly 50% more energy by 2035 and 96% of this new demand will come from the countries outside the OECD ?
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