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Energy Policies of IEA Countries: Austria 2014 Click to Access:
The International Energy Agency's 2014 review of Austria’s energy policy analyses the energy policy challenges facing Austria and provides sectoral studies and recommendations for further policy improvements.
Green Growth Challenges and the Need for an Energy Reform in Mexico Click to Access:
As Mexico seeks to boost economic growth, pressures on its natural resources and environmental outcomes may intensify, jeopardizing the sustainability of that growth and the well-being of the population. Costs of environmental degradation were estimated at approximately 5% of GDP in 2011,...


Energy Prices and Taxes, Volume 2013 Issue 4 Click to Access:
This quarterly report contains a major international compilation of energy prices of OECD countries: including crude oil and oil product spot prices, import costs by crude stream, industry prices and consumer prices.
How2Guide for Wind Energy Click to Access:
This How2Guide for Wind Energy (Wind H2G) is designed to provide interested stakeholders from both government and industry with the necessary tools to plan and implement a roadmap for wind energy technology at the national or regional level.
Made to Measure: Options for Emissions Accounting under the UNFCCC Click to Access:
Mitigation pledges put forward by countries under the UNFCCC process are "made to measure" in that they are tailored to fit each country's individual circumstances. However, the pledges also need to be made to be measured so that we have a full understanding of how the various commitments add...

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Did you know that at current rates the world will need nearly 50% more energy by 2035 and 96% of this new demand will come from the countries outside the OECD ?